Relationship Marketing on Twitter

UPDATE: Access a recording of the interview below.

Gina Gaudio-Graves and Ronda Del Boccio are interviewing Skeeter Hansen and myself (Al Ferretti) on the Relationship Marketing 101 Show. (See below for details)

Gina is the founder and CEO of The Abundance Group, LLC, the parent company of Directions University. Follow Gina on Twitter @JVQueen

Ronda unknowingly began her path to becoming The Story Lady as a tot when she invented skits and stories with her stuffed toys. Follow Ronda on Twitter @TheStoryLady

Relationship Marketing on Twitter

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner trying to make more money online? As an entrepreneur, do you find yourself wondering why you just can’t get the results you hear so many other business owners getting for their business using Twitter?

On relationship marketing 101, discover how we generated traffic from over 130 countries in less than 30 days with no out of pocket expense and by only using Twitter. We will be sharing top notch strategies for using Twitter to grow relationships, not just a bunch of followers who are not paying attention to you. Keep up with all the Twitter tools and learn how to be real, beware of scams, and be a person of value on Twitter.

As of today, we at Twitter Watchdog have posted 153 Twitter exclusive articles, guides, audios, and videos. The posts cover a wide range of twitter information from Twitter news, tips, tools, networking and much more. The idea is to serve the twitter community on how to maximize your professional and/or personal experience with Twitter. Come join us on the show as we share the three core values to our success, Engaging, Building Relationships and Providing Value.

Relationship Marketing 101 – Interview with the Twitter Watchdogs “Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen”

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