4 Common Twitter Mistakes

-by Skeeter Hansen

I have made some of these mistakes on Twitter and see others making these mistakes as well. You don’t have to be perfect but you should make the most of your time on Twitter.

Here are 4 Common Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Setting up your Twitter page properly:

Make sure you have a decent photo that people can connect with. This is one of the first things I look for before engaging with a new person. Like you, my time is valuable and I scan photo’s because it’s easy and fast, if someone doesn’t have a decent photo I move on to the next one.
Use your name instead of your @twitter username in the name section. I like to use a persons name when sending out tweets. Having a name is a great way for people to connect with you on a first name bases.
When filing out your bio use quality words, these words are searchable through many of the 3rd party tools that integrate with Twitter. Focus more on key words then sentence structure will give others a greater chance of finding you.

2. Not Following up:

Follow up with the people that tweet you and send them a tweet back. This only takes a few minutes a day and by doing this will help you build a strong following.
When someone retweets your tweet send them a thank you or compliment. Retweeting others that retweet you will help you spread quickly into other people’s followers.
Check your @replies and DM’s at least once per day.

3. Trying to get a large number of followers:

When I first started using Twitter all I heard about was you need to get followers. This is true, however; I quickly discovered that the quality of followers was much more important then having huge numbers of followers.
With all the 3rd party tools out there that help you auto follow people, it’s hard to focus on the quality of followers you are following. Make sure you focus on keywords that will locate the type of people you want when using these types of programs or tools.
Using keywords and the hashtag is a great way to locate people in your niche. Use alerts and key word tracking to locate people and save time.

4. Self promoting:

I see many people sending out tweets with links that are trying to sell something. Remember, people hate to be sold but love to buy. Sometimes I see tweets with just a link with no description to what the link is, talk about a waste of time.
If you are going to send out links in your tweets you should send them out in moderation. Send out other tweets in between the tweets with links. Providing value in your tweets in the key getting people to trust you.
Don’t send out to many tweets per hour. When someone fills up my twitter page with tweets going out every 3-5 minutes it doesn’t take me long to unfollow them. Using your DM is a great way to keep the twitter stream from getting over crowded.

These are just a few of the Twitter mistakes I have either made myself or have seen others make on Twitter. Just use a little common sense and you will do just fine. Ask yourself, am I tweeting to others like I would like to be tweeted to?

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  • Hi,
    Thank you for the great advice, very helpful. I have more than one blog — In your opinion, is it wise to create more than one Twitter account for each blog? I have tried and I’m running into problems. Thanks, Marlene

  • In order to get “social proof”as a beginner you do need large numbers of followers. You can use lists on Twitter and groups on Tweet Deck (I did a video hatrevivalist on You Tube) showing how to set up groups on tweet deck.


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Darla~

    Thanks for adding the comment and mentioning your video hatrevivalist on youtube.

    Next time, feel free to add a link too~


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hello Marlene~

    That’s a great question…

    I think having too many accounts is a mistake as well.

    The most important thing I would do, is brand yourself. One account
    is typically easier to handle than multiple accounts. As it sounds by your comment and others I have spoken with.

    Define your main objective..
    Ask yourself how you can best leverage the situation(s)?
    then simply focus on that. We can’t chase 5 rabbits at once.

    Note: Some people like to add a second personal or business account.

    To your success Marlene, please comeback again.


  • Thanks for the informative post.

    There are of course a number of ways to approach your Twitter activities. Many see it as an interactive chat system where you swap information on topics of mutual interest. Others see it (annoyingly from my perspective) as just a continuous ad stream.

    To me the first group are a bit like those running a talk back radio program and obviously relies on interaction and they are the group that seem to be following the most popular interpretation of what Twitter is about. To continue the radio analogy I see it as a straight broadcast where I offer free, hopefully valuable, information on a topic of interest (business and careers in my case). The payoff for me is hopefully people will appreciate my efforts and my reputation and personal brand will gain value.

    I advise the tweeters I coach to have two accounts, one as a broadcast medium and one to read about and follow up on your areas of interest. The 2nd account needs to be focused on following (reading in interacting with) a few valuable sources, however the first if you agree with my point needs as many followers as possible.

    Ric http://www.orglearn.org/ http://twitter.com/rictownsend http://twitter.com/EagleTweeter

  • avatar Ching Ya says:

    When it comes to ‘how to use Twitter effectively’, it matters on how one treats it — either as a networking tool or solely, publicity or promoting tool. What I think that works, to be influential in a network is how that person treating others. Is he/she giving enough? Providing quality content? Friendly? Everything takes into consideration. All Twitter mistakes you mentioned are well defined, and coincidentally we can see the same behaviors across all types of social media sites. I believe most people will be nodding all the way down and congratulate you for doing a great job in this. I am no exception to this either. Thanks for the reminder. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • I think a big mistake, which i see regularly is sending auto-dms. These really show followers that you are using Twitter simply to self promote.

  • Totally agree with what you say – I post ‘no bio no follow’ to try and get people to fill in all the sections. Why would we follow them otherwise?

    I think also that a lot of people don’t realise that if there is a huge gap between the number of people you are following, and the number following you, it looks suspicious. Obviously when you’re just starting out you’re going to have a wider gap, but it’s better to be followed (as you say) by high quality twitterers and follow in return than follow hundreds at a time and wait.

  • avatar Gina Guzman says:

    Thanks for the tips!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  • avatar krissy knox says:


    Fantastic tips! However, I find checking and replying to my @ replies and DMs once a day rather difficult. Perhaps it’s bc I’m lacking in time, as I’m spending a lot of my time on Twitter deciding who to follow back! I don’t autofollow back, so I don’t have a lot of time to read DMs, especially. I believe it’s important and only fair for me to check out each person who follows me first, as everybody deserves a chance to be followed back if they are a decent human being, especially if they are in my niche or have similar interests. If a follower choses me for a reason, I feel I should give them the same courtesy of considering following them back, as each individual is important. That’s just the way I see it! Do you have any suggestions for me? I just hate to autofollow back. I know many who do once they hit around 1,000 followers, and simply “weed out” spammers, pornographers, etc, as they find them in their stream. But I hate my stream to be polluted as I don’t feel I have time to read junk when I want to read other things as the stream goes by! Do you have any suggestions or solutions. There doesn’t seem to be any perfect solution…

    krissy knox
    connect w me on twitter:

  • avatar Lee Pound says:

    These are all great tips. The Twitter world would be a much better place if we all kept these mistakes to a minimum. I have found that the best way to get good followers is to put out quality information and tips and to interact with everyone who sends me an @ message.

    Most of my followers have been attracted by what I tweet. I rarely follow people unless I like what they are saying or unless they are recommended by someone I know. Even though I have over 5000 followers now, I still look at each person who follows me and usually follow them back unless they look really bad. I don’t like autofollowing and don’t do it.

    Twitter is still about making connections, whether personal or professional. If what you tweet is good enough, you will attract people who will go to your website and buy your products. Autofollowing thousands of people will not accomplish this.

    Skeeter and Al, you are doing a great service with this blog. Excellent posts.

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Lee,

    I am happy to see that Twitter is working for you. Keep up the good work with how you manage your Twitter account.
    You make a lot of good points and I look forward to meeting you some day at a tweet up.

    Thanks for the comment,

  • avatar Julia Gray says:

    Thanks Skeeter for these very helpful tips. Being able to connect with the person is very important. I agree about a lot of people always, always trying to sell something. Building trust first seems to be lacking with some tweeters. Thanks again. I will certainly be more mindful w/my tweets.

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Julia,

    The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Next time leave your Twitter username so myself and others can follow you.


  • avatar Sarah says:


    Thanks for the great tips. I have 2 accounts, 1 that I’ve had for about a year @SarahMaus2 and a fairly new one @Selling_Orlando. I decided I needed a handle that better described what I am about (I’m a Realtor).
    My questions are:
    1) how can I get the tweets I want to come thru as a text on my phone to do that on my second account? There is no mobile phone option showing up on those pages. Or, can we only have 1 account sent to our phone? (oh yeah, and to feed to my other accounts like Facebook, Linked-In, etc)
    2)I would like to notify my followers on the first account that I am phasing that account out, and would like to be followed at my new account. Is there an easy way to do this without having to notify one at a time?

    Thanks so much in advance…you guys are doing a great job!

    Please follow me at http://twitter.com/Selling_Orlando

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