Twitterology: Using Lists to Organize Followers

– by Ann Evanston

Twitter creates lists! “oh no, another way for peeps to get caught up in egos and numbers again!” THAT was my initial thought. But as the Twitterologist, as a smart business strategist, I knew there would be smart use for those lists!

Lists can become a great way to organize your followers and your online business strategy! Think about what you need to pay attention to in order to create smart lists. for example:

1-Do you have business partners following you?

2-Are your clients on twitter?

3-Are you followed by industry leaders (your industry)?

4-Are there peeps that regularly retweet you or share your info with others?

These are a few ways to use those lists so at a glance you can give them the attention they deserve! The list creates a special feed with just their tweets in it! Smart twitterology!

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How are you using and organizing your lists on Twitter?
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4 Responses to “Twitterology: Using Lists to Organize Followers”

  • avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    I have a couple of lists focused on SEO and Biz UK. I also have a private list of people tweet me and reply to my tweets, replies and DM’s. It’s a sort of REAL TWITTERS List.

    Keep the great post coming,

  • avatar R Kumar says:

    It seems the initial reaction to twitter lists were the same with everyone. I too felt it to be yet other time consuming and unnecessary thing. But later I realized the importance of organizing Twitter followers and tweets in lists.

  • avatar Ann Evanston says:

    Yes, true that for those of us on for a while now getting everyone on the lists could be such a pain! I agree organizing them is a smart strategy especially when you think about what you need to pay attention to!!

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