9 Powerful Tips for Providing Value on Twitter

– by Al Ferretti

Your true worth is determined by how much more you provide in value than you take in payment. When you effectively engage by providing value and give people what they want, you will gain new and repeat customers with Twitter.

Nearly all successful networkers agree that in order to go from amateur to professional, requires giving first. In this article, we show you 9 simple and very effective tips to being a go giver on Twitter.

9 Powerful Tips for Providing Value on Twitter

Be the referral source by referring a persons business to other people. There is simply no better way to get someone to want to do something for you, than first doing something for them.

Be the connector by setting people up with others that have a common interest. The fun part is introducing them and setting up the relationship.

Be an information resource to a person by providing valuable information on hot topics that may be of interest to them.

Use the person’s first name when sending out tweets will personalize the tweet and have more value. Example: I love your smile Sue, hope to tweet with you soon.

Retweet a person’s tweets to help promote what they are doing. This will give them an incentive to do the same for you. Example: Highly Recommend RT @AnnEvanston New Post Twitterology: Quality not Quantity (shorten URL here)

Participate in surveys or feedback when possible of people you want to connect with.

Stay in touch with your followership and give them something of value in exchange for their time, attention and business. Example: Give out free bonuses, discount coupons, etc. for your followers.

Come out and ask your followers if there is anything you can do for them. Example Hi Joe, thanks for the tweet, what can I do to help you today?

Show your customers you value them by providing them with a prompt solution to their problem(s), this also lets you know what people want and need.

Providing value to your followers will help your credibility and build trust at the same time. The more value you give to people first, the more value people will give back to you. That’s the secret.

All things being equal, when you provide value to your followers you can receive beneficial results for your business fast and it can also be a lot of fun.

Ask yourself, how can I best serve others by providing value?

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