Warning: Twitter money scams in your DMs

-by Al Ferretti

Today I went to check my direct messages on Twitter and I discovered a whole bunch of DMs from different people that said..
“I made $426.23 online today with (link).” OR “I made money with google. this website showed me. (link)”

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK or links that appear like it.

After tweeting with a number of friends on Twitter, its apparent that this is another Twitter money scam and its moving throughout Twitter fast.

NOTE: The Direct messages were likely not sent from the users themselves but by account hijackers.

Here’s some tips to help you and how you can help others from being scammed:

1. Do not click the link

2. Change your password immediately

3. Do not give out your Twitter user name and Passcode

4. Report the account to @Spam

Other Twitter related Phishing scams that we have reported on.

Please leave your comments
(Did you or anyone you know receive one of these twitter money scams in your direct messages?)

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