Help me #BeatCancer with Twitter

Help me #BeatCancer

UPDATE: #BeatCancer Sets Guinness World Record, Raises Over $70,000.


Twitter was swamped over the weekend and still continues to be by a great cause: #BeatCancer gets companies to donate 1 cent for every tweet containing that hashtag. It’s been a huge success so far, with hundreds of thousands of tweets being posted over the weekend..

The concept is simple. For every tweet, Facebook status update, or blog post containing the #beatcancer hashtag, eBay/PayPal and MillerCoors will be donating 1 cent to cancer research. With a captive audience of social media diehards, the hope is that the campaign will go viral and raise significant money for several charities.

More details are available on the website, along with badges that you can embed on your blog/website to further expand the reach of the campaign. The site is also tracking total mentions, so you can see how the campaign is progressing throughout the day.

Word of Caution: It’s against Twitter’s Terms of Service to add unrelated hashtags to Tweets, since this is a common tactic of spammers wishing to get results with the Twitter search. No matter what, the #BeatCancer campaign is an inspired idea that’s raising thousands of dollars for charity. Yay~

Please leave us your comments..
(Do you know anyone that is trying to beat cancer?)

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7 Responses to “Help me #BeatCancer with Twitter”

  • avatar krissy knox says:


    Thanks for this post and the explanation, I hadn’t realized what the hashtag #BeatCancer was for. What a nice thing for the sponsors to do (donate money), and what an easy way for us to participate.

    As far as unrelated hashtags, and the need for we tweeters to use hashtags only as Twitter requires, the solution is simple. We tweeters could make a comment concerning cancer, then add the hashtag #BeatCancer. Then the hashtag wouldn’t be unrelated to the tweet, nor would it be spam.

    There is so much to say about the subject of cancer that can be said in a tweet. If one wants some ideas to start, then quickly google “cancer” or “cancer facts” or “cancer awareness” or a number of other terms, and you’ll find lots of facts to tweet about. You could even google a specific type of cancer that perhaps a family member or friend is fighting and tweet about that. Remember, whatever you do will help, as it will spread awareness.

    You could also tweet about services and where to find them, as cancer survivors are always looking for such a thing.

    Another option to tweet about would be the personal story of a family or friend who is experiencing cancer, and how they and their bravery inspires you. And stories of survivors who’ve won the battle and are living a new life are also inspiring.

    I’m also thinking that one could mention in their tweets reputable organizations that are fighting cancer, such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Tweeting the URL of LLS would insure that those with blood cancers and their families would be shown where to get support, education and financial help, as well as would lead to blood cancer awareness. There are so many excellent and informative cancer sites that one could tweet about.

    Spamming is unnecessary. There is no reason to make up a random tweet that doesn’t state anything to do with cancer, and then tag it with #BeatCancer. That is both against Twitter rules and doesn’t educate nor help anyone concerning cancer. It only takes a few minutes to look up some information regarding cancer and tweet it. I hope my ideas have helped somebody!

    And don’t forget to put the hashtag #BeatCancer after all tweets, of course!

    One final thing. You asked, Al, if anybody I knew was trying to beat cancer. My husband was diagnosed with two blood cancers, NHL (lymphoma) and MDS (bone marrow cancer) going into AML (Leukemia). He had a bone marrow transplant (bmt or sct) and is presently in remission from all cancers, but has lots of complications. The doctors say he has a chance of going out of remission, but we are praying for the best. John and I will always work to fight cancer as long as we live. If you are not following him on Twitter, his twitter URL is as I’m sure he’d like to connect with you on Twitter. He would like to connect with others also. He can’t tweet a lot bc he is often sick with complications, but tweets when he can.

    thanks for a great post!

    krissy knox :)
    connect w/ me on twitter:

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Krissy~

    Wow~ Would you like to be a twitterwatchdog writer?

    Your comments are always well articulated and are filled with great information~

    I thank you for sharing your comments with us Krissy.
    (You make some really good points)

    Your husband John is in my thoughts and prayers~

    God Bless you and your family~


  • Thanks Al. Promoting this on Twitter means a lot to me personally and to those who suffer from cancer. It just goes to show you that every $ Cent $ Counts. Thx Mate! Hans :o)

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thank you Hans, for allowing us to serve you my friend.

    Looks like in total they generated over $70,000 with the @beatcancer campaign.

    God Bless you Hans,

    Your Pal Al

  • avatar krissy knox says:


    I’d love to be a TwitterWatchDog writer! If you’d ever like a guest poster, or if you need me for anything you can reach me at

    krissy knox :)

  • avatar Scott says:

    thanks for bringing to all of our attention. anything to aid in our aggregate battle to #beat cancer is a good thing. Best to all.

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