Warning: Scam on Twitter

Warning: Scam on Twitter with Tweets and dms

As reported by Adam Ostrow (Adam Ostrow) on Mashable.

It looks like a Twitter phishing scam has re-emerged. Today some people were greeted by a direct message saying “you’re on this vid” with a link attached. Some people clicked the link, and realized it appeared to be a phishing scam.

They’re right, it’s definitely a scam, as the Twitter search reveals there are lots of users spreading the same message – presumably after logging in on the phishing site – and others tweeting about receiving the same DM. The site in question looks just like Twitter, but if you look at the address bar in your browser, you’ll see the url/site is not actually twitter.

A word of warning, the best way to avoid this twitter phishing scam is to avoid clicking the link, and to not provide your Twitter username and password on sites that look suspicious (most third party twitter apps should be using OAuth, as an increased security measure). If you believe you’ve been scammed, be sure to change your twitter password immediately on twitter.com and not the phishing site itself.

Update: Other variations of this phishing scam that use the text “haha, that u on here?” and “lol this is funny” are also spreading quickly. Many of these phishing scams direct to a link that goes to a video of some sort.

See our other post from today titled: A Twitter Warning: when changing email, username or passowrd.

Watching out for you, one tweet at a time.

Have you been or know someone that has been scammed on Twitter?
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  • Not everyone has gone to using OAuth. Twitpic still requires Twitter ID and Password, I believe. There’s a couple of others as well. I always use my best judgment, and the need for the 3rd party app.

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