Twitter Warning

A Twitter Warning, when changing email, username or password

A quick and very important Twitter service announcement

Twitter is investigating an issue with users becoming locked out of Twitter after changing their email address, username, or resetting their password.

In the meantime: do not change your password, email address or Twitter ( handle. Until Twitter corrects the issue, it’s best not to attempt any of these changes at this time.

See Twitters latest update here

A special thanks goes out to Ann Evanston @AnnEvanston for alerting us on this problem and catching the “Phisherman”.

Has this problem affected you or someone you know?
(please leave us your comments)

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13 Responses to “Twitter Warning”

  • avatar Jeff says:

    That has been going on for a long time. I change from my personal name to cheapseeds and it took months to get it changed so I could use it. I could see my twitter acount under my new name but I could not sign into it. I tried signing in a couple times a week. After a few months it finally let me sign in. It has been good ever since.

  • avatar Susan says:

    Unwittingly, this happened when I was subdued to increasing my followers through a twitter site. Autotweets advertising their site were then applied every hour! Very frustrating!


  • avatar Darla says:

    Just changed to my personal name with no problems at all. I set up a redirect account under the old name so I did not lose stragglers


    @darlasycamore on Twitter formerly @IFRS_Exorcist

  • avatar mmallows says:

    Whether or not it was the Phisherman’s fault, I have been unable to log on for ages, which was both dissapointing and frustrating (with the positive side-effect os makig me less addicted to Twittering)!

    Hope I can evenetually get back on and in.
    Go well

  • I clicked on the phishing site & didn’t realize what it was & now I can’t log on to Twitter. I got a DM from a follower saying that I spammed them but I never sent the DM they said I did. In fact I got the same message from someone else myself!

    Twitter says I need to reset my password as I’ve been locked out. but now in reading the above post, I’m afraid to reset it. What should I do?


  • avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    I was sent a warning about a week ago and changed my password as instructed.
    No problems encountered from doing this.
    Thanks for the up-date.

  • I just reset my password and I’m ok. In my case I had been locked out from the phishing scam and now I’m trying to repair any damage from what they caused.

  • avatar maps4pets says:

    Thanks guys. Advice taken.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Do you have a twitter account now?

    Did you try contacting twitter at ?


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Great to hear you were able to reset your password Joyce~
    (high five)

    Does everything seem to be good with your twitter account now?


  • avatar Shirley says:

    I reset my Twitter password with no problems, however TweetDeck is another issue. TweetDeck has been “frozen” since the change. Still working on it. Thanks for all of your updates, Al.

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