Do Twitter and Google have a deal?

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A Twitter and Google deal could change SEO

There is currently a prospective deal between Google and Twitter. If the deal pushes through, posts from the social networking site would be displayed on search queries. This has many implications for search engine optimization (SEO) marketers.

According to reports, the two companies are now negotiating to create a feed that would show posts from the social networking giant.

Reportedly, Microsoft is also involved in a deal that would integrate a full feed from micro blogs to the search engines.

Chris Thomas—a SEO expert—says that the deal will change the approach of SEO marketers, because Google would have access to a huge amount of web pages, which will bring more competition in the search market.

Thomas also said that a deal between Google and Twitter is logical, because Google has been responding to Twitter’s real-time search capabilities already.

He explains: “Google has responded to the real-time search thing by speeding up its indexing capabilities, but it’s just not quick enough to keep up with the likes of Twitter which has millions of tweets. Google robots can’t index everything and they need something like this to help.”

He continues: “My gut feeling is that to have this sort of deal there would need to be some sort of staticness or relevance to the tweet feed, because otherwise you’d just be getting spammed by millions of random tweets. If you were doing some sort of SEO strategy you’d need a tweet to your site if someone searched for you, that sort of thing.”

The prospective deal could cost Twitter several million dollars.

So far, executives from all the companies have not made any formal comments and statements regarding the prospective deal.

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10 Responses to “Do Twitter and Google have a deal?”

  • avatar Paul J. G. says:

    As a former journalist, I would have thought that any and all search engines would automatically pick up anything that is posted on any given website? Since 2005, when ever I Google my full name, any and everything I have ever written including my scripts and books come up as possible hits. As well as every story I had written for the newspaper I worked for. Not to mention blogging websites and such that I may had left my mark on in years past.

    For Twitter to have to pay for such service is beyond rediculous! It’s a search engine. Isn’t that what it’s used for? To search for topics and such things posted throughout the Internet world? It should be an automatic FREE service. Or I would at least think it would be a FREE service.

    When we Google the word “Twitter” it comes up. Why wouldn’t its contents as well?

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Only two pages to any url show up now on a google page for any site on the internet. Twiiter pages have been showing up for a long time. They might be doing a twitter search page like the blog search pages they already have.

  • avatar @LadyLegacy says:

    Paul J.G. makes a valid point. Google already returns results with tweets from Twitter if the keywords are right. I guess we will see, but I’m curious to see exactly how much Twitter is going to pay for this already provided service. I appreciate Google all the way around but this “deal” seems like a waste of time & money.

  • avatar ark says:

    This deal would surely change the SEO landscape.

    Twitter already has millions of spammers, I’m sure this will double up in no time at all once this happens.

  • avatar Bryan says:

    I totally agree with Ark, Twitter is already such a Spamfest, this just might spell the end for Twitter. At least for me and anyone else that’s interested in Twitter for any other reason than Spamming.

  • avatar Kim says:

    I agree with u Ark and Bryan…but Paul J. G. makes a good point too, i don’t know, Twitter is not just for Spammers, we just like quick info…I don’t spam, and most (not all) of my followers do either…

  • hmmm… is interesting! Perhaps a test site for Google? Pretty neat!

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