Learn the Twitter Lingo

It’s easy to learn the Twitter Lingo

Twitter Terms

On the one hand, Twitter is pretty simple: send and receive short messages. On the other hand, what’s with all the symbols and weird terms?

In this post, we provide you with the key twitter terms so that you can be prepared to tweet with success


The @username is the name used to send and receive messages.

Direct Message

A DM or direct message is a private message on Twitter. In order to direct message someone, that person must be following you.


Favorites is where you can save valuable tweets sent from another person on the twitter stream.


To follow somebody is to subscribe to their messages.


Followers are the people following you.


Following are the people you are following.


A hashtag-the # symbol followed by a term and included in a tweet. This is a way of categorizing all the posts on a topic.


RT or retweet is to repost a valuable message from somebody else on Twitter.

Shortened URL’s

Shortened URL’s are used to shrink long URL’s which is great for saving space in your tweets.

Trending Topics

Trending topics are the most-discussed terms on Twitter at any given moment.


A tweet is an individual message sent from one person to another.

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