TweepML: Share groups of Twitter users


TweepML is a simple format to make it easy for people to share a list of Twitter users (“Tweeps”) all in a click of a mouse.

Imagine the popular #FollowFriday tradition on Twitter — instead of trying to cram a big list of tweeps into 140 characters, you could simply create a TweepML file and point your followers to that.

You can also add TweepML to your blog/website to make it easy for people to follow everyone on it with a single click.

The TweepML has been officially approved by Twitter.

Learn more about TweepML

Let us know your opinion: Does the TweepML format address a need as the Twitter user-base continues to grow? Do you see yourself using to find and share lists of Twitter users you might like to follow?
(Please leave us your comments and let us know if you start group of people with TweepML)

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