5 Popular Twitter Clients

5 Popular Twitter Clients

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Tweeting from Twitter.com is effective for some users, but now that Twitter has been around long enough for even baby boomers’ parents to pick it up, it’s time for you to check out new and enhanced ways to tweet, so let’s take a look at 5 great Twitter clients below:

Tweetdeck currently, the industry favorite is Tweetdeck not only because it syncs with an iPhone, but because it has grouping functions for people and search terms, all colors are customizable, and Tweetdeck is integrated with Facebook, yFrog, and even MySpace. New updates allow users to drag photos into the update bar without any download steps, URLs are automatically shortened, and language translation options are now built in. It is by far the most robust option on the market.

Seesmic supports multiple Twitter accounts on the same screen and has amazing Facebook integration that lets you comment and “like” without having to visit Facebook. Seesmic allows groups of people and searches and offers unlimited saved searches. Seesmic is interesting because like Tweetdeck, it is constantly adding upgrades and improvements.

HootSuite is the professional Twitter client. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, measure your success and much more.

Tweetie for Mac is a clean and simple, no fluff client that shows threaded conversations, lets users flip between multiple accounts, multiple services and allows for saved searches. Tweetie for Mac lets users post videos to yFrog and takes up very few resources on your computer.

Destroy Twitter this is a single account client that allows grouping for people or search words and is a simple, streamlined way to Twitter from your desktop and there are even themes available to download to customize your experience with Destroy Twitter.

What is your favorite Twitter client and why?
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