Don’t Go Phishing it may be a Scam!

Twitter Funny Video Phishing Scam

twitterphishingJust saw this upon starting up TweetDeck this morning. Looks like some folks are getting a virus which then sends out DMs saying “rofl this you on here?” regarding an alleged funny video featuring the recipient. The link leads to a spoofed Twitter site where unknowing folks may enter their Twitter credentials and where the instigators can then gain access to more Twitter accounts and perpetuate the ploy.

If you get such a DM, don’t enter your Twitter log-in data on the spoofed site! If you’ve already done so, try to change your Twitter password as soon as possible.

This one almost got me, and I am typically wary of such things.
Mashable has a nice update that was posted on September 23rd, 2009 | by BenParr

Do Not Visit this link it’s only here to let you know of the link that is showing up in the DM’s of many users on Twitter  Reported Web Forgery
Don’t get caught in the Phishing Scam.

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