The Forbidden 403 on Twitter

403 Forbidden

Twitter"s is Forbidden

Twitter"s is Forbidden

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s, I just came across what I thought would never happen on Twitter, but it did.

It refused to submit my request for answering a DM.
Pretty weird huh?

Who would think that by simply replying to a DM, that would cause such a problem.

While doing a search on Google for “403 Forbidden on Twitter” I came up with many possibilities but most of the results (over 29,900) were pertaining to mobile devices,

In a recent response at they state the following:

A 403 error message is an indication there may be an error on the remote web server. There is likely nothing you can do directly to solve the issue. The best thing to do in this case is to contact twitter support. They may have an error in their web server configuration that they can fix if notified about the issue.

And there are many reports on Twitter Support, but apparently the problem still exists.

Has this happened to you lately?

I’d love to hear your comments.

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2 Responses to “The Forbidden 403 on Twitter”

  • avatar Nile Flores says:

    It is not necessarily against you. It could be that they are working on the system and it was random. I have had that happen before on Twitter. What do I do – well, I let it alone for at least half a day, come back, clear cache, and then if it is still occurring, report the incident to Twitter delbius or any or of the support members. The ticket system, I believe is a bit wonky, but you could use that if you could get a clear shot to the form. (iol)

    Had it happen once on my own server and freaked out, called my tech in Dallas and was told they were upgrading so some kinks might be expected.

  • avatar Kate says:

    Have had it happenin to me for the past 2 1/2 days now and I can assure you that it’s annoying as all get out; MSN is also loaded with complaints on the issues, some dating back as far as April of this year, at that rate you think the problem would have been fixed by now and not be allowed to continue to roam around the site! I use Twitter’s new mobile platform to tweet on and ever since they updated it from the last time it has been nothing but a new site for glitches every other month – 403 is just the latest but it is the most annoying since you can only post, at best, 4 replies before it acts up and it takes a good hour just for a semi-functional page to come back up so that they user can use it to at least long off the troubled application. If they don’t plan on fixing this issue soon, you would at least think that they could post something on their site about it so when it happens people can expect it and not become enraged by it like many users seem to be; for Twitter’s sake I hope try fix it soon because when it works it’s a decent app but those days are sadly usually far and in between. :(

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