Twitterology: Define Your Target Market

Twitterology: Define Your Target Market

It is easy on Twitter to get caught up in the ego of the numbers. An old school sales perspective says to “build your list” so a percentage become customers. I have a different approach. Fourteen months on Twitter as an active user (I average 35 tweets a day), my “following” is well under 10,000, but I have been known to tweet: “It’s not HOW many you follow but WHO you follow”

As a small business owner you have to consider that you put in your funnel (sounds like a sales training class, I know, well in many ways it is!). Is your approach to gather as many people as possible and hope a small percentage filters out to become a paying customer? Or is your approach to get very clear about your brand, who you want to connect with and what you tweet about so you attract potential customers? For me the latter of the two has brought great success. In order to do this:

1-clearly brand your page

2-be selective about who you follow. This means you must know WHO your target market is!

3-tweet about things that align with your brand so you do not confuse them about what you do

4-be willing to engage with potential customers, let them learn to trust you

These steps will start you to a strong powerful following on Twitter!

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8 Responses to “Twitterology: Define Your Target Market”

  • avatar Steve says:

    In the early days of my twitter life, I followed all and everyone in attempt to gain thousands of followers. I realised after a while and after reading articles like this one, that I was getting little response to my tweets.
    Soon as I clearly branded my Profile and Background plus carefully selected twitters to follow, I have improved my response rate 100% +. It takes a bit a time to get it right, but well worth it in the end.
    Thanks for yet another great blog post.

  • avatar Elinor Palm says:

    I recognise that for myself – how I use Twitter. But I´m not there just for business but to have connection to friends worldwide too. Maybe I have to decide the purpose of my twittering?!
    I look forward to read your next blogpost!

  • avatar Lola says:

    My goal is to be in a community but also to spread the word about my website. Is this possible? How do I begin?

  • avatar Joan Goldner says:

    Business 101: It’s always about the quality vs quantity.

  • avatar Jeff says:

    I follow everything you guys put out. So far it has all worked out. I do need to trim my twitter list. People keep getting in there that don’t belong. How do you stop that.

  • avatar Ann Evanston says:

    I am so glad many of you agree with wht I have written and see the value in a list of quality over quantity!

    Elinor – Twitter is about connection, about engagement, so letting business people see a glimpse of who you are is not a bad thing. If it’s extreme, I’d suggest a separate account.

    Lola – I use Twitter for business. But you must begin with connecting with the right people and still engaging- don’t just push your website at us! Let us get to know you!

    Ann Evanston-Twitterologist

  • Guys, you are so correct. Connecting with your target market and having a consistent and well-presented brand is key to success not only on Twitter but in any business avenue. My suggestion for those that want to use Twitter for both personal and business is to have two different accounts – one for each purpose. Confusion from your business customers as to what you’re doing will lead to a loss of followers and ultimately less sales or brand awareness.

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