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10 ways to make use of Twitter besides tweet

Besides sending a “tweet”, how would you like to take advantage of other ways to make use of Twitter? In many cases, you may say sure, but how?

Well, with the availability of (these tech like terms) an “open API” and the power of “third party service integration”, you can find a job, exchange business cards, play games, raise money, social bookmark, start a petition, or share files, music, images, videos and more. The sky’s the limit on the options we have with Twitter.

1. Find a Job

TweetJobs Twitter offers an unprecedented chance to find out about new opportunities and connect with potential employers in real-time with tweet jobs.

2. Exchange Business Cards

TwtBizCard a simple service that lets you set up an electronic business card that can be easily tweeted to your new contacts by sending them an @reply with the hashtag #twtBizCard.

After signing in, twtbizcard will pull in the data from your Twitter profile as the basic information, and all you have to do is type in your additional information as needed for the biz card.

3. Play Games

Spymaster. Love them or leave them, games are here to stay. Interactive Twitter-based game Spymaster can be addictive if you play it. So if you’re in the mood to escape the busy life for a while, then check out Spymaster.

4. Raise Money

Twitpay It’s still an emerging trend, but Twitpay is out in front of the pack when it comes to payment platform on Twitter. It’s a hot space that Facebook is looking to get in on as well.

Right now, there are some limitations to using Twitpay, but for the adventurous, there may be money to be made from selling your own goods.

5. Social Bookmarking

Are you looking for an easy way to archive the links you share on Twitter?
Fleck Lite, is a simple bookmarking tool that will both generate a shortened URL based on the page you’re sharing and archive the collection of links you’ve shared for later reference. If you share a lot of links on Twitter and want a convenient way to remember them for later, definitely give fleck lite a test drive.

6. Start a Petition

Twitition Petitions are a powerful tool organizers have been using for decades to raise awareness, demonstrate support for an issue, and bring people together around a common cause. Try Twitition.

7. Share Files

FileSocial A service called File Social provides a great way to send files. Simply sign-in with your Twitter credentials to share your file with all your followers. A good security note: File Social uses Twitter OAuth to log you in, which is more secure than directly asking for your Twitter username and password.

FileTwt You can also send a file privately to one other person with FileTwt. The downside is that filetwt doesn’t use OAuth for authentication.

8. Share Music

Depending on exactly what you want to do, you might want to check out and Songza. is much like Twitter but specifically for music, and can integrate with your Twitter account to share what tracks you’re listening to.

Songza is a very easy to use music search engine that lets you easily tweet any track you’re listening to by clicking the song name and selecting the “Share: Twitter this” option on Songza.

9. Share Images

Twitpic Perhaps the “classic” service for sharing photos on Twitter is Twitpic. There are a number of alternative methods for sharing photos on Twitter…

Flickr Use Flickr to host your image collection, this is a great way to also share photos to Twitter all in one.

10. Share Videos

We saved one of the most popular for last. There’s a good number of video services out there that will likely cover your need(s). From to Tweetube Tweetube,which handles other sharing duties as well.

There’s also TwitVid and 12seconds.TV to that list. The latter perhaps obviously limits you to only 12 seconds’ worth of video, but it works well with the spirit of Twitter’s 140 characters or less structure.

Have you tried any of these ideas or do you have other tweet ideas to share?
Please leave us your comments…

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