Tweet Formula

How to Monetize Your Business with Twitter


As Twitter and Social Networking Professionals, one of the first questions we are asked is…
Can I build, grow and/or make money in my business with Twitter?

The answer is YES, and more so than we have seen anywhere else. That’s a big statement we know, but just stay with us for a couple of moments, you’ll likely be glad that you did.

Whether you are in affiliate marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, own a traditional small business or you are a fortune 500 company, you can ethically monetize your business with Twitter.

The Second question we are asked is “How” can I make money in my business with Twitter?

The answer to that question is Tweet Formula.

Tweet Formula is a revolutionary step by step system that (has not been seen anywhere else) and will teach you how to monetize your business with Twitter, one tweet at a time. Take a sneak peek here.

When Skeeter Hansen and Myself (Al Ferretti) discovered Twitter in December of 2008
little did we know it was going to be “the” business game changer for our business and most especially, it can and will do the same for your business too.

Here’s ten mentions of our experience on Twitter…
1. Hosting weekly Twitter Conference Calls
2. Creating and Sharing Complimentary Twitter Guides
3. Receiving over 134,123 combined followers on Twitter
4. Generating Traffic from over 131 countries, (yes countries) from Twitter
5. Building a targeted subscriber list in the thousands from Twitter
6. Generating thousands of dollars in sales from Twitter
7. Being Featured on Radio Stations across the country helping people with Twitter
8. Becoming the fastest growing exclusive Twitter blog online right now
9. Everyone we are teaming up with in our business, we met on Twitter.
10. Last but not least, giving back to the Twitter community by providing valuable Twitter tips, tools and information that has been beneficial for the average person, to corporate america citizens to famous celebrities and more…

It’s amazing what can happen when a business game changer (Twitter) comes along and you focus on it. It’s what we call a gift, an absolute blessing for everyone to take advantage of, if they know how to.

Take a sneak peak into the (how to) Tweet Formula.

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