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Twitter Changes Look of Suspended Accounts Page

I just noticed that Twitter has changed the look of the “Suspended Accounts Page”, did you see it?

Mosey_Along_NowI think it’s pretty neat how they “Cross Out” the Twitter Bird in the graphic, but it kind of gives me the feeling that they are giving the axe to the Twitter Logo. Or maybe it’s just a simple warning?

There is still a dilemma about the “Suspended Accounts” problem (at least in my book), here’s what I mean.

Twitter recognizes suspicious activity from any given user, so in their discretion they suspend the account, until a resolution is met. Which I feel is a good idea, but is it?

When we get the follower notice in our email, that a new follower has been added, and we click on the link to view the new followers page, we then are redirected to the “Mosey Along Now” page.

If the account has been suspended, does Twitter automatically delete that user from our follower list, or do we have to track that user down and remove or block them ourselves?

If not, how can we resolve this problem? There may be an obvious solution, that I am unaware of, and maybe you can help.

I’d love to hear your comments (or advise) on the matter at hand.

Until next time, be on guard with

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