How to Make Your Blog Go Viral with Twitter

How to Make Your Blog Go Viral with Twitter feed

Here at TwitterWatchDog, we are always looking for different types of tools and applications to help you create a buzz around your personal and/or business website through the use of Twitter, and I think we may have come across a tool that can help you capitalize on just that.

Now we also know, and have mentioned before, about the power of RSS Feeds. You’ll notice that we have a whole page devoted to “What is RSS“, but let me go a little bit further and let you in on a little secret, that only a few of the very “Elite Bloggers” know about.

What if, we could help you make your website go Viral?!

What if we could tell your Twitter Account to talk to other social networks? Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, some people don’t know that you can include an RSS Feed to appear on your Facebook pages. So, why not take your Twitter RSS Feed and add it to your Facebook Account, it’s rather simple. (If you need some help with that we’ll create another post to show you how.)

twitterfeedWell, Twitterfeed can help your website go Viral through Twitter. After you sign up (which is Free) it’s as simple as one, two, and three.

1. Once you sign up you are required to allow the application to login to your twitter account.
2. Create a Name for Your Feed
3. Enter your Feed URL and Verify

Then Click Create Feed. And Whoala! You’re done. Now every time you make a post to your blog it automatically gets posted on your Twitter Timeline, so all of your follows can get the inside scoop about what’s happening on your website.

Now, most applications allow you to do only one particular task, while TwitterFeed allows you to add multiple feeds, which I think is really nice.

You know that we are all about, engaging our followers, building relationships and providing value, and one way to do that is by Re-Tweeting other friend’s posts or adding them to your favorites, but what if you added your friends feed to your TwitterFeed Account. That means, every time they made a post all your friends can share your friends post?

Hmm, think of the possibilities, now you can become the “Go To Guy or Gal” to follow.

Why not give it a try, I did. Check it out at, oh and by the way, you may want to tell your followers about us, by entering our RSS Feed to your TwitterFeed Account (Hint Hint).

Here’s our Feed URL

Until next time, be on guard with TwitterWatchDog.

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8 Responses to “How to Make Your Blog Go Viral with Twitter”

  • avatar Steve says:

    Hi Guys and thanks for some really great info. I’ve started using Tweet Feed and have added my Blog plus TwitterWatchdog to give my followers regular tweets on interesting subjects. Will be following you daily. Steve

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thanks a bunch Steve~

    I luv your avatars on your Twitter page Steve.
    The family photo and Holy fish picture. Did you catch that “thang”?

    If you’re reading this go check out Steve on twitter at

  • avatar Jayson says:

    Thanks guys, very useful post.

  • avatar Steve says:

    Yes Al, I caught that fish. 14.5lb Carp on a 6lb line. Took around 20 minutes to land it.
    TwitterFeed is working a treat for me now with good info from yourselves and others being tweeted around the clock.
    Followers are increasing at a good rate.
    Will keep in touch,

  • avatar Roy Yeoh says:

    This is a great article. Am interested in adding Twitter RSS Feed into my Facebook account. Can you please write a post to show me how?! Thanks

    Roy x

  • Hey Roy,

    Glad you liked the article, very soon I’ll post an article here that may help you.

  • avatar Kelli Garner says:

    Great site, how do I subscribe?

  • avatar krissy knox says:

    I do think it’s important to tweet your posts. I also think it’s important to tweet other people’s posts. Chris Brogan says the ratio should be about 12:1. Tweet 12 times for others for every one time you tweet a post for yourself. So if you are going to use this auto method to tweet your own blog posts, make sure you are at least tweeting a lot for your friend’s interests, (whether these tweets be posts or charity functions or other important things, — preferrably tweet their posts) in between autotweeting your own blog posts. If you don’t you’ll appear pushy and spammy. Okay, perhaps Chris Brogan may not be someone you “have” to listen to, but he is someone important and very respected in social media, bc he is a real giver, and his opinions are very respected and thought to make sense. So please consider not autospamming twitter with your own posts — add tweets that link to other blogger’s posts and blogs as well. Thank you for listening to my comment.

    krissy knox :)
    let’s connect on twitter:
    my main blog:
    Sometimes I Think

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