Look Who’s playing TAG with Twitter, it’s Facebook

Look Who’s playing TAG with Twitter, it’s Facebook

Want to play “Tag Your It?”

Well, in a recent article posted September 14th, 2009, and hot off the press, PCWorld’s Tony Bradley stated that:

Facebook has just introduced the latest feature in its ongoing evolution to blur the lines between social networking and search engine- tags. The new ‘@’ tags allow users to tag other users in posts and integrates a whole new realm of search capabilities.

In the article Tony mentions that they borrowed it from Twitter. But I think it may be just a ploy to make it more like their rivals and to try and get a jump on Twitter search capabilities.

how-to-update-your-facebook-status-with-twitterTony goes on to say that the use of the “@” tag will allow Facebook users to place the tag before another users name, so when other users click on the user tag they can see all the posts of the other user as well.

Now this may be a good thing for Facebook, but I wonder what Twitter has to say about the matter.

Also, I don’t know if I would want to see all the posts from another user on Facebook or not. Oh well, I’d like to know your take on the matter. So please post your comments below.

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2 Responses to “Look Who’s playing TAG with Twitter, it’s Facebook”

  • avatar Alex Shalman says:

    This is a natural progession. Facebook has had picture tagging forever now, which Myspace eventually copied. It’s not like twitter had a copyright on @. They did have a copyright on using twitter in domain names, which makes me curious how you guys are still doing it (not hating, really, curious). :)

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your comment..

    Its when one is using a company or business name, logo, or other trademark-protected materials in a manner that may mislead or confuse others or be used for financial gain that may be considered a trademark infringement.

    Does it appear to you that we are abusing that?

    The new age of business seemingly embraces partnerships and forming alliances more so than than the old traditional corporate “stuffy” ways. This may help explain and be a reason why new age businesses (like social sites, etc) are thriving in challenging economic times while old traditional corporate ways are struggling?

    I believe traditional corporate businesses will get much better results overall when they make the switch from the employer and employee model to business and partnerships with their employees model.

    Like or not, the ways we do business in our world has changed~


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