Twitter Updates Terms of Service

Twitter Updates Terms of Service

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s, Twitter is at it again, but this time it’s in our favor.
Based on the “New Terms of Service” on Twitter, things are looking up, but there are a few changes that you may want to take into consideration before you “Tweet Your Stuff.”

What you say on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. You are what you Tweet!

I'm watching YOU!

I'm watching YOU!

The good news is, that you’re content (or Tweets, as they say) are yours, and not the property of Twitter. This I think is a huge step in the right direction for Twitter. Many social networking sites, (I won’t go into naming names here, that’s not my way of doing things) state in there terms of service, that once you post content on their service it now belongs to them, and you no longer have control over it, which in my opinion stinks big time.

You may want to check it out for yourself, but I do believe that Twitter has really summed it up quite nicely.

They go into quite a bit of detail when it comes to “Your Rights” as a Twitter User. And they put a lot of emphasis on the control and use of your own content. Just remember, the WORLD is WATCHING.

Until next time, be on guard with TwitterWatchDog.

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4 Responses to “Twitter Updates Terms of Service”

  • Thanks for the heads up! That’s great news and I went to the terms to read them. The reminder of “You are what you tweet” is also sound advice – too bad some tweeple don’t take it to heart!

    Good job! Thanks!

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    You’re welcome Debbie~
    Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to serve you

    It was great tweeting with you earlier today.

    Have a great weekend :-)

  • avatar Hans Lussenburg says:

    That is great news indeed. Artists around the world are and will be over joyed, especially our writer friends. I am assuming then, that with Twitters new agreement with Facebook that these terms are also binding upon them (Facebook) – in terms of a general ruling from the courts – and that any info shared across platforms is thus likewise protected?

  • Dear Hans,

    From what I hear over at Facebook, based on there TOS which states,

    You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.

    That this will hold true for all there users.

    But you never know, with the way businesses are constantly updating there services things can change in a heart beat. But you may want to check it out for your self.
    You can find the Facebook TOS here


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