Tweet Adder Scam?

Tweet Adder Review and Discount

Tweet Adder Review and Discount

This is an incredible time and opportunity with twitter, not only for Twitter WatchDog, but for the advanced and twitter beginner.

Twitter is today’s hot spot! You hear “Follow Us On Twitter!” every time you turn on the TV or Radio! In order to be more effective with Twitter you need a quick and easy way to get targeted twitter followers.

We have been using Tweet Adder for quite some time now and can say without a doubt that it has saved us many hours of tedious work to gain targeted followers. You can schedule to tweet while you sleep, set-up auto DMs, auto-follows, keyword searching tools, search bios, tweets plus much more!

Spend more time with friends & family, have your system on auto-pilot will also give you more time to focus on engaging, building relationships and providing value on Twitter.

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Is Tweet Adder a Scam?

Tweet Adder is not a scam, in fact, we highly recommend that you check it today. Simply Click here, to find out more about this fantastic tool, send us a tweet and thank us later.

41 Responses to “Tweet Adder Scam?”

  • avatar Joe R. says:

    Have you tried using TweetAdder to manage multiple Twitter accounts? I ran TA for a couple of days with one Twitter account, and it worked beautifully. Then I added a second Twitter account and started to notice some problems:

    1. Automatic tweets were being sent much quicker than the scheduled times (like 2-3 minutes apart instead of 20-60)
    2. The automation tasks would run at the scheduled time for only the one account that was logged in by TweetAdder
    3. TweetAdder was cross-posting tweets, that is posting tweets I had loaded for Twitter account A to account B

    I was doing this with a single instance of TA. I tried to start a second instance, but then my screen started flashing, including the icons on my desktop. I had to kill both instances of TA with Windows Task Manager.

    Have you experienced any of this? I have reported these problems to TA support, but no response yet…

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Joe,

    We have not personally experienced that.

    TA seems to maximize all automated options at once, one account at a time.

    We have noticed that TA seems to work better with 1 automated option at a time if you want
    to involve multiple accounts.

    TA has been a major time saver so that we can focus more on engaging, building relationships and providing value.

    Thanks for the comment and please do keep us posted on the solutions


  • avatar Joe R. says:

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for the response.

    So, you have NOT set up TweetAdder with multiple Twitter accounts? If you have, how do you manage it so avoid the problems I pointed out?

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Joe~

    By running 1 account at a time with all automated features.

    We have not been able to run “all” features on multiple accounts at the same time seamlessly.

    Hope that makes sense.


  • avatar Joe R. says:


    Thanks for the elaboration. So, do you mean you load all the accounts into TweetAdder but activate automation for only one account at a time? That’s kind of like “semi-automatic” mode. You have to manually switch automation off for all but one account, and then when it is done, turn it off, and on for the next account. That may circumvent most of the problems, but it certainly is NOT the automation that the product promises.

    Plus, I still experience the cross-posting of tweets between accounts. Since I only have 3 at this point, I have circumvented this problem by loading tweets into only one account and doing the other two manually – again not ideal.

    I sure hope they get these bugs fixed soon. Until then, I am reluctant to add any more Twitter accounts into TA.

    I will let you know if I get any resolution to these issues. Please do the same for me. Feel free to email me.


  • avatar Phil Taylor says:

    I have used TweetAdder in the past, but I prefer CoTweet, which allows me to use multiple Twitter accounts and send scheduled tweets, with none of the problems JoeR has discussed above. I can quickly switch between user accounts and monitor all of them quickly and conveniently. Have you used CoTweet and what do you think?

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hey Phil~

    You’re awesome~

    Thanks for sharing

    Its another great option for everyone to consider. Maybe Joe will find cotweet more beneficial like yourself Phil.


  • avatar Joe R. says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I’ll take a look at CoTweet, but honestly, I prefer a desktop program that I own and have full control over vs a web service which I may have to worry about them keeping up with their growth and/or deciding to shut down some day. Plus, it sounds like CoTweet is eventually gong to charge a monthly fee vs my one-time investment in the TweetAdder program.

    I would REALLY like to see TweetAdder work the way it is supposed to. I like the way it was designed and put together. It has ALL the functions a marketing Twitterer would want in a very logically designed package.

    That being said, I have established closer communication with TweetAdder. Turns out there was a problem with some emails getting lost between us, but now I think that is fixed. They just said in an email to me today that a new release of Tweetadder will be coming out “soon” (last week they said by last Friday, so it should be imminent!). I even offered to beta test it for them.

    I will keep you posted on any developments…

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Yes, different strokes for different folks haha

    Tweet Adder is the most comprehensive of all marketing/promotion twitter progs to date, in our humble opinion…

    Please keep us posted on your future tests with tweet adder.


  • avatar Joe R. says:

    I wanted to give you an update on my experience with TweetAdder and multiple Twitter profiles.

    Although I had trouble getting multiple instances of TA started when I would click on the TA menu: “Accounts” > “Open Additional Account (New Instance of Tweetadder)” – the screen would constantly flash and TA would be unresponsive (I had to kill both tasks with Windows Task Manager), I WAS able to start additional instances of TA manually by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop.

    I now have 3 instances of TA running simultaneously, each one controlling a different Twitter profile. I have successfully run all the various tasks in each instance of TA manually for it’s respective Twitter account, and in some cases multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally each of the TA’s is posting tweets to the respective Twitter account, on the proper schedule, with no occurrence of cross posting.

    I have automation set in each of the TA’s to kick off tomorrow (Wednesday, 9/16) at different times. So, I will see if the timed automation setting works (I suspect it WILL).

    I don’t know why I did not think of trying this sooner. I suspect I was doubtful because of the flashing effect when trying to start another instance of TA from within the program.

    Well, this is an AMAZING development. Now the TweetAdder program is working as designed and performing in “set it, and forget it” mode on full auto-pilot…WHOOOPEEE!! This is saving me hours and hours of manual management of the 3 Twitter accounts. Even when using TA manually, I was spending 4-6 hours a day performing and monitoring all the various tasks. Now I will be spending just a few minutes per day reviewing the results of TA’s automatic actions.

    THANK YOU, TweetAdder!!!

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:


    It’s always nice to know that things work the way we expect them to when it comes to programs.

    Thanks for the update Joe.


  • avatar Paul says:

    No offense but no thanks. This goes back to my response to the Twitter Drama blog. I would like to earn my followers honestly and not by autopilot. And also, a lot of times, I do not RT or visit links that I do not trust.

    By coming out with a program like this would only make Twitter become more aggressive in my opinion in the long run and not in a good way. Before you know it, Twitter would completely be running on autopilot without a soul behind the keyboard. No one will be honest and no one will get honest replies from honest tweeters.

    To me?, purchasing this App would be like sitting my phone up to a recorded message to respond to my friends and family’s conversation while I am not personally on the phone.

    Maybe I am off base with this one and maybe I am mistaking the information given but I don’t see how this program is actually a good idea.

    Please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for commenting. Luv that you write deeper than the average person.

    Tweet adder is a program to be used in moderation. What it can do is help automate some of the basic tasks for good intentions.
    This helps take your business to the next level and allows you to focus on engaging, building relationships and providing value..


  • avatar Paul says:

    LOL… Sorry for the “deeper” comments Al. That’s just something I am used to doing as a former newspaper reporter and a writer/author. And thanks for clarifying the use of Tweet Adder. In that case as you explained, I have no use for it then because well, I have no online business or personal business that would make Tweet Adder useful to me.

    Take care and if I am getting on your nerves with my LONG drawn out comments, please tell me and I will try to make them shorter… lol.. That’s why I hate the limited 140 characters on Twitter because I just don’t know when to shut up!! -> LIKE NOW!!

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Happy Friday~

    We luv deeper comments Paul.

    It adds more value for everyone when one is specific. Thank you for providing value and being specific Paul..


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:


    Luv your avatar that says “Thank You”


  • avatar Paul J. G. says:

    LOL! Thanks Al. That avatar was taken in the parking lot of our local Food Lion. That sign that says “Thank You” is actually one of those shopping cart returns that are in the parking lot. My son took that picture one evening a few months ago while my wife was in the store grocery

    We were sitting in the car listening to the radio and well, I got bored, saw the camera sitting in the console and the idea to take this picture came to mind. I’m kinda fond of it myself.

    Stay awesome Al.

  • avatar Paul Brady says:


    I have had the same problem Joe R. was having. That is, when I select “Accounts” > “Open Additional Account (New Instance of Tweetadder)” my screen flashes and an additional version of the program does NOT open. I am running Mac OS X (v10.4.11 PPC on G5). No matter what I do, I cannot get an additional version of the program to open. I bought a 5-user license so I’m kinda ripped that it will not work properly. And clicking on the program from the desktop applications folder on the mac does zippo.

    Any suggestions?

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Paul~

    Have you tried contacting tweet adder directly.

    Jamie and Troy with Tweet adder are real good about getting back with people.

    Also, theres updates to the program in recent weeks.

    What type of business are you running?


  • avatar Paul Brady says:

    I have contacted tweet adder support and got no reply at all. I contacted them twice and got no reply. I am a very technically adept person and am becoming disappointed by this software. No support response, cross posting errors between multiple accounts causing confusion with contacts in different twitter accounts.
    How do you get a live person to respond at tweet adder??? I use this for business and it’s become a liability.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Paul~

    Have you tried emailing Troy or Jamie at directly?

    They typically respond to emails within 24-48 hours, sometimes soon~

    Please keep me us posted. If you do not receive a reply, I’ll do what I can to get your questions answered from them


  • avatar Paul Brady says:

    Ok. I’ll try. I sent an email through their form on their web site. I’ll try the email route though and get back to you.


  • avatar Frank says:

    I have tried to get an answer from support for 9 days now! The software may be good, but the support ist very very baaaad!

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Frank~

    That doesn’t sound good at all.

    Have you tried to email tweet adder at ?


  • avatar Frank says:

    Hi Al,

    yes I did, I prchased the upgrade from 5 to 10 accounts, pasted the new serial into Tweetadder but it does not work – I onmly have 5 accounts.
    I send my first mail to the support 10 days ago, after one day I received an answer that did not help me at all – it seems they did not read my mail.
    I tried to explain it again, but THEY DONT ANWER any more – I hate that kind of making business. Customer bought the product, PAID for a product that does not work and the seller is not interested any more because he has his money :-((


  • avatar Sue says:

    I am interested in the discount – the program looks good. I wonder if the previous commenter managed to get a response though?

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Sue,

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. The question about the response is in the process of being resolved as I type this. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you.

    Thanks again,

  • avatar Boss says:

    Hi Guys –

    Hope I’m not being improper asking this question here, but it looks like a good Tweet Adder community. I’m trying to get my Tweet Adder to auto-reply when someone tweets our site. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong and I can’t find where anyone else is having this trouble. At least they don’t talk about it if they do. I have only one account and I do have the “Automatically post replies. . .” checked. I have pre-set messages set to check every 5-10 minutes. Anything come to mind that I might be missing?

    Paul – I think your words of caution over the automation of Twitter to be valuable. I was very against bots of any sort, but then our site grew so big I had to do something. We want people in Entertainment to follow us for we are a site that helps folks in entertainment get word out of their happenings. With TA I use the search feature for extremely specific searches like “I had an audition today” and have it search just the last 7 days. It’s caused more entertainment people to follow us and we continue to try and weed out marketers by hand. Ironically the kind of people we follow have so few followers they do not tend to automatically follow back, so I feel confident most are choosing to follow us.

    We’re a Retweeting site that hand selects all it’s RTs but many people want us to Retweet them. In order to oblige everyone we have to use a bot our we go insane being on Twitter all the time. We answer all our replies personally and let everyone know a bot runs our Retweet que. For instance, the above question was asked because I couldn’t man the site today and I wanted people who were tweeting us to know I wasn’t there and a bot was the only thing on. One of my random messages is “A real human-being will be on later tonight to answer your reply. In the meantime tell me your troubles.”

    I think it’s important that I keep our followers informed on the technology we’re using so they have an opportunity to tell us what they think about it. So far everyone has been very pleased. But I do think it’s because we put a ton of personal attention to the site and our followers. May that never leave Twitter, for as you say it will become souless.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me find how to reply automatically!


  • avatar Richard says:

    i sure hope someone can give some insight here. i’ve been using TA for a little ove a month. i have not had the problems that others here have had. but , will be quick to agree with some that TA support sucks. they will not answer their emails. i have mailed directly and through the form on the web site, so i know they are getting my emails.

    i even called Skootle corp and got their voice mail and they immediately emailed me back and told me they would not respond to me by phone because that was too expensive, but they would be glad to help me in anyway by email. that was 15 emails ago and still no response. the software seems to work but there is one problem i hope someone can answer.

    their FAQ page tells plainly how to back up the database, which you really need to do, or else pay the price if you have to format your hard drive.

    i can’t find the database. it is not where they say it is in FAQ. (Win XP, don’t know about the Mac or Vista) i know how to follow instructions. been using computers 20 years. i did a system wide search and there is no database file anywhere on my computer by the name they say. “Tweet Adder”, with no extension.

    please, does anyone know where they have hid the database? they sure won’t respond to my requests for help. like someone else said, they got their money.

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Richard,
    Sorry to hear about your problems with TA not getting back to you. Have you tried sending out some tweets on Twitter with your question? I will send out a few tweets as well and see what I can come up with. I hope together we can find an answer.

    Thanks for the comment,

  • avatar Richard says:

    Thanks Skeeter, i did send out a couple tweets, but no one answered.


  • Al,

    Have you done a comparison with Hootsuite? What does TA do that Hootsuite does not?

    I’ve been using Hootsuite for a few months now. It’s a great tool and it’s free.

    OK, it doesn’t directly attract new followers other than by virtue of the fact that it makes tweeting to multiple accounts easier, but then again all I can see from the various blog reviews (with their affiliate links) for TA is that it says it attracts new followers but doesn’t tell you how.


  • avatar Kristi says:


    I purchased the unlimited user license a couple of weeks ago since I am a marketing consultant and work with different clients…at this time I currently have 5 different accounts set up with TA. I am having the same problems that people have had for several months now (even though I have the new 2010 version). I have emailed support@… and they have responded back to my emails, but by their last response, it doesn’t even seem like they read my problem. My problems are not getting solved and my clients are frustrated. This could cause my business and my reputation with my current & future clients to suffer. I am not happy. Problems I am having:

    1. Account tweets crossing over and posting to other accounts
    2. Automated tasks not running for multiple accounts even though my computer is on, I am logged into TA and my accounts are checked and logged-in. The only account that runs automated tasks is whichever one is showing up on my screen. So at this point I am manually switching accounts and clicking the button to run tasks for each account, waiting for it to finish…switching accounts again…etc… very time consuming.
    3. Recurring Automated tweets are NOT posting during times that I specify & check marked. It completely skips the hours that I WANT to post tweets and then schedules tweets during the times that I DON’T want them to post (thank goodness, it catches it and says “tweet not posted…incorrect time range”….so problem is, nothing gets posted AT ALL)

    TA is saving me time finding followers, unfollowing and building my list. But I am having to run all tasks manually, posting tweets manually and going back and forth between accounts to do all of this. I am spending hours a day instead of minutes a day. And this is becoming a problem because I am out at meetings a lot during the day and not at my desk to be able to run all of this manually. HELP !!!!!

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Happy Friday Kristi~

    We are sorry to hear about the challenges you are currently experiencing.

    To help provide a solution, we have forwarded on your comments to TA.

    Jaime and Troy from TA have been real good with getting back to us and with solutions.

    Stay tuned for updates. It’s our goal to help you overcome these challenges so that you can
    automate all of those important accounts in just minutes a day.


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Kristi~

    We have received a prompt reply from TA with regards to your current challenges.

    Here’s what TA had to say this morning….

    “Yes, these things have been brought to our attention, thank you. So you know
    for future reference, we are in the final stages of creating a stand alone
    application to fix the tweet errors. This should be available shortly.”

  • avatar Kristi says:

    Thanks Al, I really appreciate the help !!!

  • avatar Kristi says:

    Hi Al,

    I am still having the same issues with Tweet Adder. I was fired from one of my clients due to the cross posting that occurred back in March that I mentioned in my previous post. So, I am not happy. I like that I have increased followers for my accounts, but that is pretty much all I use it for now and it is a far cry from all of the services that the product claims it does for you.

    You mentioned in your previous reply to me back in March that TA said they were “in the final stages of creating a stand alone app to fix the tweet errors that should be available shortly”. It has been about 3 months now…any idea of when it will be ready? And more importantly, how will I be able to obtain this app.. will it automaticallly be upgraded when my Tweet Adder account logs in, will I need to download it from somewhere…how will I know when it is ready?

    Am still wishing for a glimmer of hope with this program.


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Kristi~

    Troy and Jamie over at tweet adder have made some updates.
    A big update and conversion is coming real soon because of Twitter
    changes how it allows third party sites to use it’s API. The change on Twitter
    is scheduled for June 30..

    Have you emailed them recently?

    They are typically quick to reply and resolve problems.

    If you need additional help, you can let me know and I’ll be
    glad to pass on your message to them..

    Have a great day Kristi~


  • avatar Tim says:

    I’ll try out tweet adder. I’ll be back with feedback.

  • avatar Monico Perez says:

    Tweetadder is an awesome program, I’ve started using it just within the past month and have already seen an over 200% increase in my twitter interactions, follows, mentions and am very pleased with it. I need to learn more about the automated side of it though, is there a blog or videos somewhere to get additional information. Just want to unlock the true power of this great product.

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