Twitter On TV, Give me a break!

Twitter On TV, Give me a break!

– by Timothy Caron

Recently while watching a few of my favorite shows on Fox, I thought I was still at my computer. I don’t know about you but when I shut my pc off for the day to relax, I do not want to see “Tweets” on my tv screen.

In a recent article on by Annie Barrett she really hit the nail on the head. Read the insert below.

Twitter on Fringe

Twitter on Fringe

In a bold new initiative apparently designed to trick relaxed humans into thinking they might still be at the office, Fox aired a special “Tweet-peat” episode of Fringe Thursday night. (I’m pretty sure it was Fox, despite how loudly the “other crap taking up half the screen” motif was screaming “TV Guide Channel!”) Basically, producers and cast members offer/foist their Twitter feeds onto the bottom of the screen, answering fan questions and sharing behind-the-scenes scoop. A similar Tweet-peat of Glee airs tonight at 9.

I don’t know about you, but even though I love the show “Fringe” I was so annoyed that I actually shut the tv off, and listened to the radio.

I know that there trying a new concept, but come on know, isn’t that a bit much?

I’d like to know your thoughts…
Are you furious? I sure am.

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