Twitterology: Quality not Quantity

Twitterology: Quality not Quantity

Recently I realized that Twitter Grader moved me down the influence rankings, and the primary reason? I do not follow as many people as the other ranked tweeters! My heart skipped a beat and for a crazy moment I thought: “Go get more followers!” Then I came to my senses! The value of my followers is the quality not the quantity!

As a small business owner you want quality followers that will become loyal, share your knowledge, re-tweet you, refer peeps to you and eventually become customers. In order to do that it, it is important to you:

1-brand your page about what you do and who you work with

2-look to follow people that will be interested

3-take the time to read profiles before you follow someone

4-be willing to engage, interact and support their success as well!

So I did the above,and those rankings climbed! Now you might not care about being graded ( twitter grader ), but if you are about how you run your business you care about the quality of your followers! In addition, I can track about $100 in sales from Twitter-daily! THAT’s Twitterology!

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  • avatar Nile Flores says:

    Twitter grader also factors in how many updates you have. It is part of the ratio, so you could have fewer followers and a lot of updates, and be ranked quite high.

    During May through July, I was in the top 50 for Illinois because I got to the point I was tweeting an average 49 tweets a day. Though my followership has boomed, I decided to decrease some for the moment to test some theories people had about too much tweeting. I found out that if your content is fairly fresh, and interesting, people will not unfollow you for tweeting a lot.

    However, if it is junk, it is pointless. So, not only do you want qaulity relation with your followers, you want to make sure your tweets are quality too. I talk about this quite a bit. However, this is a great that you covered this, as it is really handy for newbies.

  • avatar Ann Evanston says:

    Absolutely! quality not Quantity,my earlier Twitterology post, also applies to what you tweet! Many small business owners blow that point, honestly. When I work with clients that is ultimately the key!

  • I think you make very good points. What I see at the heart of it all is that you have to define your strategy. Carefully defining what the target market looks like is the most effective way for small businesses to maximize marketing efforts.

  • avatar Ann Evanston says:

    Yes Monique knowing that target market, something many small business do not want to define is critical! Watch for my next two Twitterology reports on just that!

  • Sometime ago I was reading something you wrote and you mentioned the quality not quantity and since then I’ve been keeping my eye on who I follow because in reality I don’t want to connect with everyone. I want to connect with those who are in my area of interest.

  • avatar Ann Evanston says:

    Jennifer – it so makes a difference, and I could probably afford some cleaning house right now!

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Happy Friday,

    Quality over Quantity, yes lets clean some house Ann~

    Do you have the new twitter list feature yet?
    Some have it some don’t. I wish I did.


  • avatar Ann Evanston says:

    Yes Al I have! And right now it’s a bit cumbersome for us with many followers, but I am thinking through the best Twitterology strategy for it, post coming soon!

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