A Final Tribute from Twitterwatchdog.com

A Final Tribute from Twitterwatchdog.com

The Senator Edward M Kennedy has finally been laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery beside his two brothers after a long time of mourning and celebration of his life as state legislator and father.

Thousands of on lookers and well wishers lined the street from the White House to the cemetery to catch a glimpse for the last time of a man who dedicated his life to the American people.

Many family, friends and colleagues paid a final tribute while they lowered his casket into his final rest, before the Eternal Flame.

The final prayers were given to commemorate his deep belief in his faith, while a letter was read, that he sent to the Pope, stating that he has spent his life in the service of his country, and for the gift of what he has been given to strive to help all people from every walk of life, as he was so lead.

He also stated that even though he had fallen short of his goal, he knows that deep in his heart, he fought for the rights of all people through out the United States and the World.

Let us all find a place in our hearts for the late Edward M. Kennedy.

Please pass on your prayers of encouragement to his family by spreading a message of hope through their Twitter Account a @kennedynews

Until next time, in His mercy may we all find peace.

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