Backup My Twitter Tweets

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

How to Backup My Twitter Tweets Account

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Has it happened to you?

Where something that you owned simply broke, got lost/stolen and you wished you had a back up of some kind? Being from the great state of Minnesota, our guess is “Yah, you betcha”

Maybe you experienced not being able to sign in to twitter (because it was down), maybe your account was suspended by accident. Better yet, what if, you signed on to Twitter and your account was partially or completely wiped out?

Well, for many, twitter has become a lifestyle and if that’s the case for you, doesn’t it make sense to backup your tweets?

So today, we are sharing this post “How to backup my twitter tweets account” so that you can have a backup of your tweets, etc (just in case), for FREE.

Back Up My Tweets Back Up My Tweets – Protect your tweets, daily backups, flexible download options, do something cool..

Tweet Backup Tweet backup – run over the Internet, daily backup, no installation required, easy to use, no twitter-password required.

Tweetake Tweetake – Back Up your Twitterings, followers, tweets, direct messages and more.

Are you using any of these twitter backup programs and/or do you know of other twitter related backup programs that can be beneficial for twitter users or followers?
Please leave us a comment either way….

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