Twitter: Project Retweet

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

Twitter Announces Project Retweet

Update: Twitter Activates Retweet Button

Twitter has announced “Project Retweet”, which will soon add a new “retweet” feature to the core service of Twitter.

What does this mean?

When Project retweet is complete, it will have a retweet feature that fully integrates inside of Twitter. Meaning that we no longer will you have to copy, paste, and add “RT @AlFerretti or @SkeeterHansen to any tweet ever again. Twitter’s plan is to implement it for both and for 3rd party apps.

When can we expect to see this new retweet feature on Twitter?

According to reports, the new retweeting system will launch on Twitter in the next few weeks. However, 3rd party apps will lag behind a little in implementation. This is because Twitter doesn’t want to break 3rd party apps that are not ready for the new feature. They’d like to launch at the same time, but the process of testing, usability, and coding on both Twitter’s side and the develop end will take time.

We believe this is great news for users that have grown accustomed to retweeting as part of the overall experience on Twitter.

Leave us your comments on how you feel about the current retweet process and/or how you would like to see it change? Does it matter to you?

Learn more about Project Retweet

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21 Responses to “Twitter: Project Retweet”

  • This is Outstanding news. This will save time RTing.

    Thanks 😉

  • avatar Lamike says:

    This doesn’t do much for me. I can already Retweet in Firefox with the Greasemonkey and a nifty other add-on.

  • I find RTing is pretty easy with TweetDeck as long as the Tweet is short enough. If it is too long I just go in and trim it a little. I am glad to hear that RTing will be easier with all applications. RTing is a great way to connect w/a lot of new tweeps & spread the word.

  • avatar Pat Gunning says:

    Now that is an upgrade that most everyone will like, it might even increase the repost numbers. For twits in a hurry they may never have to write an original post again!

  • avatar Wendy says:

    This is great news to me.

  • avatar Betty says:

    This is great. I loved the way it works on TweetDeck but TweetDeck often crashes on my Mac. This sounds like Twitter will now incorporate that.

    Now if they will only fix the wrong count next to Direct Message. When it says I have 70 messages, I only have 1 message! It is very annoying.

  • avatar mjmallows says:

    I’m interested in any responses to the notion that the pending change reduces flexibility in many ways.

  • avatar Mel Menzies says:

    I use TweetDeck which has a RT service and, if it’s too long, a shrinking facility. It’s great. But thanks anyway.

  • Hoooooooo-ray! I thought you’d never get round to it 😀

    I know many third party apps already have this feature, but sometimes I just want to pop onto the Web and retweet somebody, and it’s always a pain in the proverbial lower regions to have to copy n’ paste, and risk missing out a letter or two which breaks a link, or remembering to stick the @ in front of someone’s name, or… and so on.

    So thanks in advance for introducing this feature. I’m guessing it will have the standard retweet format? ie.

    RT @copysnips blah blah words of incredible wisdom blah


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    That sounds like Twitters plan for introducing the retweet buttom within Twitter itself.

    You are right Paul, a number of third party twitter apps already have that feature…

    Thanks for the comment. If you feel anyone else can use the information too, just pass them on to


  • avatar Carl Harris says:

    Good news, Al – I use apps that do this too but I’d prefer to have the RT as a button in Twitter itself – been wishing this for months and it’ll save me time.

    Thank you for the heads up.


  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    You’re welcome Carl~

    I am looking forward to RT button on Twitter as well.

    Thanks for allowing us to serve you Carl~

    Come back again,


  • avatar Jack Yan says:

    I am glad someone inside Twitter is listening to us. This has been an oft-requested feature.

  • This is great cause sometime I don`t retweet for the hassle it implicates on twitter when I do retweet is if I`m Hootie or TweetDeck and usually to do that i have to open another window again too much hassle. Thanks for all the info you guys provide. Blessings

  • avatar Gil Pizano says:

    Wow! That’s some good news for many. The feature will (crossing-fingers) help in reducing the character count of a tweet allowing more people to Tweet and Retweet a message. Let’s wait and see. Thanks for sharing this information!

    Best Regards!

  • avatar gale says:

    Great News! I want to RT but too many steps right now and would do it more often with a click of the button.

    thanks for all the updates. Love your tweets and blogs.

  • I use TweetDeck which has had this functionality for some time. I seldom use the Twitter page itself, so except for the fact that Twitter has seen fit to muck up the RT and @ features, I can’t say I care.

  • I was included into the beta testing of this feature recently, and I’ve been finding it most helpful.

    Before then, I wouldn’t have been a major Retweeter, but now because of the simplicity and ease, I will certainly do it more often.

    I do not use many third party applications, bar the online dabr website, and the official Twitter homepage, so this feature is highly beneficial to me.

    However, I am still interested to see how Twitter will create income from the service. That’s the real feature I am eagerly waiting to see implemented.

  • This is an exciting development. I think it will lead to people retweeting more. I know I’m a lot more likely to retweet something if the process is simple.

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