Big Twitter Trend

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

A Big Twitter Related Trend to Watch

12 seconds tv

While there seems to be new 3rd party twitter services created each and every day. Skeeter and I thought we would share a big twitter related trend that you may want to “watch” like a hawk.

It’s known as Live Video Sharing. When analyzing Twitter from a birds-eye (hawk) view, this particular trend is reinventing how live video is being shared.

Live Video Sharing

12 Seconds (12 Seconds Tv) is a growing service on Twitter.
12seconds helps you update your friends and family with short video clips that you record with your webcam, mobile phone, or upload. Show people where you are and what’s going on.

Pushing this trend forward are new services offering live video sharing with Twitter. Livestreaming video isn’t a new concept, but by taking your Twitter identity and network, and applying livestreaming, is a new growing trend.

Other new services to watch (still in beta) ..Twit Cam and Cam Tweet. You simply use your Twitter account to log in to the service, your web cam to capture video, and the various platforms to stream video and tweet it out to your followers. Your followers can then come watch, sign in with their Twitter accounts to chat and update Twitter at the same time.

Have you given these services a test drive?
Please leave us a comment on your experience with Live Video Sharing on Twitter…

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4 Responses to “Big Twitter Trend”

  • avatar Siddique says:

    Great. thanks for sharing.

  • avatar tom smart says:

    marketers are still trying to find the holy grail of marketing but twitter
    certainly offers an intriguing platform
    you definitely however need to keep in mind that twitter is NOT a marketing platform but a social network platform.
    Therefore extreme caution is needed in presenting your marketing tweets
    you need to have a social and networking persona for your business

  • avatar Rich Johnson says:

    Good point Tom, it seems like many companies are just blasting noise, but not listening. Skeeter & Al starting to become a fan, keep the posts coming.

  • It follows that me sitting at my desk responding to tweets doesn’t necessarily make for interesting TV, therefore, I probably won’t use the last two on more than an occasional basis. I haven’t really come up with anything that I wish to say in 12 seconds or less that is worth recording, either….

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