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Meet Heidi Richards Mooney

Twitter WatchDog Features Heidi Richards Mooney

Heidi Richards Mooney is a serial entrepreneur, author of several books and social media expert. She is also the founder of several organizations for women including the Women’s eCommerce Association and Inventing Women to name a few.

For the past seven years Heidi has been studying the Internet particularly as it relates to growing a business online. Her focus for the past three years has been social networking.

Heidi Richards Mooney participates in more than a dozen social networking sites including MySpace, FaceBook, Linkedin, RYZE, eCademy, Xing, Yahoo Groups among others.

In this short audio Heidi explains…
1. The main reasons why she uses Twitter.
2. What Twitter apps work the best for generating followers.
3. How twitterfeed.com makes her life easier.
4. Heidi tells how tweetlater generated 137 retweets & 100 new followers in one day.
5. Heidi gives tips to the new person using Twitter and so much more.

Enjoy the show…

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