Twitter Tools part 3

by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

Twitter Tools (part 3 of 6): “Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile phone apps”

Twitter Tools Blackberry, iphone and mobile devices


The blackbird app has been working with Twitter for some time. The screenshots featured on its website are a bit old-school. Blackbird now apparently shows the user’s avatar, updating the look of the app a bit.

The Twitterberry app works over the data network so you don’t need to use SMS and be charged for texting. Data pack charges will probably still apply, though.

Tiny Twitter Tiny Twitter will work for any older smartphone as well as the BlackBerry. The homepage features a 140px column in an homage to the Twitter message character length.

iTwtr – itwtr is an open source Twitter client for iphones.

Twittai – Twittai is a Java-based Twitter client compatible with more than 200 kinds of mobile phones.

ceTwit – Twitter client for Windows Mobile. Not as cool as the iPhone versions, but then again, what is?

Twapper – Send updates from your 30boxes calendar to your mobile phone using Twitter.

Tweetie – $2.99
The paid tweetie application with the most props. Allows you to use Twitter exactly as you would use it from your computer. Automatic link shrinking and automatic posting of pictures to Twitpic.

Twitterific – Free with Ads
Twitterific is one of the more widely used free iPhone apps. It may not have the more advanced features of some other apps, but it keeps users from switching with its fast and seamless interface.

Twinkle keeps the easy-to-use streamlining intact with a few extra features, including Geolocation so that you can talk to other Twitter users around you.

Twittelator Pro – $4.99
Twittelator is a full service application for Twitter for the iPhone. Voted #7 of all social media networking applications for 2008 in the AppStore.

Twitterfon is a simple application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Not many advanced features but very easy to use

Qik – Stream videos from your mobile phone to Twitter using Qik. Surprisingly, it works really well – try it out.

Twitxr Share pictures and text from Twixtr from any mobile device.

GPS Twit This geolocation app lets your friends find you using Twitter.

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