Follower Counts Reduced

by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Twitter Cleans House of followers, Spammers Purged

Twitter cleans house, spam followers purged

Did you notice a drop in your twitter followers and following in recent hours?

Twitter reported:

“For some time, the follower and following counts we display have been incorrect for some folks. We’re soon to push a change that will address this issue. This means that the count you see in your sidebar should match what you see on your follower and following pages.”

“However, a consequence of this change is that follower counts will drop for some people. In particular, those with large followings may see significant changes as we correct for spam accounts and data inconsistencies. No legitimate followings should be affected—we’re just cleaning up artifacts in the system.”

If you’ve been the target of spam followers, you might notice a reduction with both your follower and following counts on twitter. Please leave us a comment, whether you have or have not lost followers.

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37 Responses to “Follower Counts Reduced”

  • avatar Tweeeeeeeter says:

    Definitely lost 17 followers tonight.

  • avatar Showeda says:

    Yes I lost about 45 followers last night…But thank you for doing this I prefer less with more quality…For the last 3 days Twitter by web has been going crazy repeating tweets losing them and sending them in the wrong order..Was that all part of the same problem…Also, how can I delete messages on the web twitter..Because I think may be that’s why its so slow…Have a great day You 2 are absolutely wonderful

  • avatar Showeda says:

    Just to be clear I know about the bin, but I’m talking bulk messages…

  • This was a welcome move from Twitter’s part. I lost around 20 followers, which is good. It saved me from manual vetting, which I had been planning for some time. I sure can use that time for better purposes.

  • avatar colin says:

    Thanks for this wonderng why i dropped about 30 followers. Thought i offended some people.

  • avatar asgerd says:

    Yeah, nice. I awoke to today to 0 followers and 4 following – down from about 175 and 220. This is after a few days of them all being there in the number but not in the list, and then short spells of normality, and then tweets periodically coming in from some but mostly silence. Not very impressed and now trying to build up my list again.

  • I`ve lost about 250 followers and followed last night, and was very upset.

    I don`t use any robots, and I follow manually all who follow me. I don`t spam, and I work hard to post value in my Tweets.

    Now you say that Twitter has cleaned out my spammers? So that`s good news, if that`s the case :)

    Kindly let me know what is going on…
    Have a great day,


  • avatar Karin says:

    My follower count has dropped by some 20. best, Karin

  • avatar Diana Sebzda says:

    I did notice a 100 count decrease in my followers. Now I know why. I’m guessing my following will decrease soon as well, but so far it hasn’t changed. Just frustrated because now I can’t follow more people and have to wait for the numbers to balance again. Sigh! Well, thank you for clearing that up! Can’t wait to follow you! :)

  • I lost about 35 followers and about 12 people I was following last night. I wish I knew who they were. I’m very thankful for your website and Twitter presence Al. You offer such valuable content. You rock!

  • avatar Patricia says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I was like, “Where did almost 50 people go off my following me list..” At first I just thought they unfollowed because of information I had posted or because I did not follow back. I will not follow someone just for the sake of courtesy; if we have nothing in common, nothing to gain from each other (via info) or you have/associated with people I do not respect – No Follow and a possible Block. As my good friend @Ravish30 says time to time on Twitter, “Not the quantity, but quality of followers.” Have a great day, Patricia

  • avatar braydon says:

    Yeah, I lost a ton of followers

  • avatar Nancy says:

    I lost approx 30 followers and no following. I vetted a few myself on Monday but this is much better.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  • avatar Wendy Marx says:

    I lost about 50 followers and someone I follow just told me he lost me as a follower even though I didn’t unfollow him.

  • avatar Kim says:

    I think maybe about 5 followers were lost, which didn’t surprise me, I added too many people at once and wanted to close the gap a little. I didn’t lose any that I follow. I like to manually add (or block) people who choose to follow me. I don’t use any software or free tools to add to my list because I’m more into knowing about who’s coming over to my house to chat. I don’t have time to read garbage when I’m surfing thru the timeline. Yeah, I believe it’s a great way to promote your product, but every tweet? Come on, if that’s all these people have to say, it can only mean: 1)you lead a very boring life 2)you can’t (or won’t) communicate or 3)you actually think people will pick you out of umpteen others selling the same crap by means of insulting their intelligence. I mean ever hear of Google, Warrior Forum, RipoffReports for starters? For once, I wish they would get creative. That’s my two cents (inflation 5 cents) and I’m stickin’ to it! Keep Smilin’ :-)

  • avatar taidista says:

    lost over 100 followers overnight. night not be too bad in the end

  • avatar Paula S says:

    I had this happen but it was sometime last week (not in the last few hours).

  • avatar Betty says:

    Between last night and this morning I lost just under 300 followers. Now I know why. Thanks for the info.

    Your blog is really helpful.

  • avatar JD Ebberly says:

    Yesterday, July 23 2009, I noticed that my followers count fell from 5192 to about 4992, and the number of people that I follow dropped from 5260 to about 5200. I had no idea that I had 200 spammers following me.
    Thanks, Twitter, for cleaning out the spammers and for restoring me to Twitter search. I would deeply appreciate it if you would restore me ( ) to the Find People search on Twitter.

    It looks like I may soon be able to return to Journchat, Editorchat, Blogchat and Designchat! I LOVE JOURNCHAT and am FASCINATED by journos!!!!! :) :) :)

  • avatar Robyn says:

    Thanks for letting me know what happened to my followers count. I thought I had been really bad and nobody liked me anymore. Glad to see it was only twitter doing there ‘housework’. It makes it difficult to follow people that you want to follow because of the numbers being unbalanced but hopefully that will improve soon.

  • avatar Dinna says:

    24 July 2009

    Yup, me too – my followers went from 134 to 130, and THEN, 119 when I checked today. Does this mean NO MORE x rated, and other strange followers (especially those who DON’T speak english)? How do they find us (on the public timeline, I figure), who do not want to be annoyed and/or bothered by their nuisance? Will followers lost/dropped from this process be restored after? Please FYI. Just my thoughts. Thank you.

  • avatar Lesley Dewar says:

    Thanks for the update and the explanation. I probably lost about 120 or so, which is good, because I hate the spammers and I spent at least two hours this week going through and blocking porn and lots of people who do nothing but constantly RT their message about auto-following systems. So this will have saved me a lot of time.

    I also had the horrible experience of thanking one person for a product I bought from him and saw my name used dozens and dozens of times as an endorsement of the product – and that was then RT’d by others. I sent him a DM and politely told him he had had more than his monies worth – and his response was to repeat the exercise. I tracked him down through e*bay (where he has a number of sites) and Google (he portrays himself as a single father and lives in Victoria) and sent him a direct personal email. He suddenly disappeared from my Twitter life (blocked me, of course). But those kind of opportunitists are not what Twitter is about and his abuse of my compliment was an object lesson to me – make sure you know the person before you engage them in your Twitterstream.

    Thanks for your blog. It’s very good.


    PS I have been sort of followers of yours for years, with e*zines and email updates and things but this is the first time I have “engaged with you”. LOL

  • Thanks for this post…I did lose about 50 followers this morning and I thought I’d offended a bunch of people and spent the better part of 2 mins (Lol) wondering what I’d tweeted that pissed a bunch of people off. Thanks for clarifying this.

  • avatar Allison says:

    Hi there,
    That explains where those 25 or so followers went! lol I’m quite glad because I now know my follower count is more representative of what is actually going on. Nice to know where they went though – I didn’t have a clue til I read your email.
    Many thanks.

  • Hi,

    I lost about 65 followers Friday night and no idea how many of I was following.

    I’m surprised to see many people happy about this “cleansing”. I personally hate it to see someone entering in my account and deleting my followers. I am just old enough to delete guys who disturb me by spamming! This kind of censorship makes me afraid.

    Btw. great block, guys!!!

    See u, Klaus

  • avatar Pat Gunning says:

    @articlesbin had about 34,600 now don to 34,380 – My wife @Ginasprenkle had about 22,400 now about 22,170. This is not the first such drop as can be indicated on twittercounter. Thanks for the updates guys!

  • avatar Are Morch says:

    I noticed a drop around 140 – 150. I am a fine with that if they all where spammers. Hopefully they was. I noticed before if there was an account that was removed by Twitter and you was following this account, this account would still show up in your numbers and it was impossible to unfollow. So I am happy that Twitter now seems to clean up some of these accounts.


  • avatar Pam Hett says:

    Thanks for the info. I lost about 50 followers. It’s ok, I would rather lose the spammers anyway. As someone said in a prior post I believe it is quality not quantitiy that makes a good Twitter follower. Keep up the good work.

  • avatar jazzydacat says:

    I lost about 100 followers over the weekend which was fine because I am a very nice pussycat and don’t like those nekkid ladies trying to stalk me!!!

    Many thanks for doing this for me!

    Big Meows!
    Jazzy XXXXX

  • avatar Kojenwa says:

    I heard it first on Twitter Watchdog! Felt like a drop in stock, but I appreciate you doing it for a really good reason.

  • avatar roger ewing says:

    good to know. I thought something was amiss. Thanks

  • avatar O.G. Net says:

    Same, that is a relief.

    I was avidly checking twittercounter daily and was really surprised when I saw a drop of about 130 followers!

    Thanks for the reassurance, I don’t mind if it’s “fake” people I’ve lost!

  • avatar Alisa Benay says:

    I keep hearing that twitter is “cleaning house”, and yet since the first time I heard this about 2 weeks ago, I’ve had to manually block about 350 spam followers. They all have the exact same format: 1) their location is “US”, 2) they have goofy 13-16 character names that don’t make sense, 3) their posts are random posts taken from other accounts, each one itself seems ligit, but when you read a person’s posts, you can tell they aren’t from the same person, 4) some of the posts are in a foreign language, and 5) they are usually following a huge number of people, but only have a small number of followers.

    Can twitter get rid of these people? I don’t think having to manually block 30 people per day is quality use of my twitter time.

  • avatar Erasmo Velez says:

    At one point I had double the followers which was about 1300 which was confusing. I thought there was something i said or did that caused so many people to follow. I posted a tweet about it, The next day have of the followers were gone. Which weren’t actual followers, but it’s a good thing to see that the Twitter Admin is on top of their platform.

  • Did you take a peek a,perhaps that help you…..


  • Maybe that was going on to see if you were paying attention haha.

    Good eye, good catch~

    Thanks for the comment

  • My followers and folks I follow have remained stable. I scrutinize people who follow before I choose to follow them. That evidently helps.

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