Twitter Followers

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Do you want more twitter followers?

want more followers

A recent survey shows that a majority of twitter users (whether its for fun or for business) would like more followers and are asking….

How is it done?

How do these top twitter networkers do it?

Is there some type of magical formula on how to get followers on Twitter?

Some of these so called twitter marketers will tell you YES, there is.

You may have noticed tweets that read something like, “Follow my secret system and get 16,000 Followers in 30-90 Days.”

The truth is the top twitter networkers don’t get followers by a push of a button. They do it by engaging, building relationships and providing value.

Here’s a list of free sites We located in just a few minutes with a simple twitter search. These free sites claim to get you more followers. (be cautious with your twitter username and passcode)

1. Add Followers
2. Tweeter Swarm
3. Daily Followers
4. Flock to Me
5. TwitProQuo

“Get followers instantly and on auto-pilot” seems to be the trend that amateur online marketers are using these days to hypnotize people into their systems. Buying followers is a waste of money.

After all, who wouldn’t want to “easily” learn how to get followers on Twitter (completely on auto-pilot) while making money at the same time?

We noticed that a friend of ours was using a few of these programs and recently his account got suspended. There are several reasons why Twitter suspends accounts. You should reveal the list of reasons before participating in any automated program which states that you can get more followers.

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