Twitter to Stardom

by Skeeter Hansen and Your Pal Al Ferretti

Twitter may be your ticket to Internet Stardom

It’s funny because we know many of you have heard of those so called “once in a lifetime
opportunities”. Unless you have been living under a rock, you see those opportunities everywhere.

Truthfully, and if we were betting men (and sometimes we are), we would say that Twitter is a once in a lifetime opportunity for virtually anybody.

Here’s 7 reasons to ignite your light to internet stardom

1. Twitter is growing at an amazing rate and its been said that twitter users, are on twitter for longer periods of time, compared to users on other social media networks.

2. Twitter easily integrates with blogs and/or websites.

3. The amount of available twitter clients, tools and apps (more and more are being released every single day) allow for almost unheard of customization and flexibility.

4. You can spread the news about your brand, product or service at the speed of lightning.
(even faster than traditional media like CNN, ESPN, etc) That’s why they use Twitter.

5. There’s no limit on how to use Twitter (be it personally and/or professionally) with even
more ways being created all the time. Some top brand companies use twitter for special offers, customer service and more.

6. Twitter’s climate is the perfect breeding ground from the high profile celebrity to joe the plumber and every business marketing owner in between.

7. Twitter is now the default for spreading news and information and it is a preferred way by many to connect with people all across planet earth.

Our future with communication has officially changed for the good.
This is your official (no hype) “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” to Stardom

If you know of a better way, please let us know ASAP, better yet leave us your comments and follow us..

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