-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Whats the Buzz? Follow and Unfollow People with Buzzom

This short video will explain how to ethically follow and unfollow people on Twitter with Buzzom. Getting more followers on Twitter is great but the quality of followers is more important.

Buzzom will save you time by allowing you to build a targeted following & help reduce the people you have to unfollow.

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11 Responses to “Buzzom”

  • avatar Bhupendra says:

    Thanks for covering I represent Buzzom development team, and am in Twitter as leplan.

    Buzzom is now available in many international languages including German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Bengoli. We will be continuously working to make it big, and will try to serve our users.

    If you have any comments regarding the side, or have idea of some feature in you mind; please send it to me. Would love to hear from you.

    We are soon coming up with Buzzom Desktop, and this will the first Twitter Client with SPAM Control. Hoping same love for the desktop too.

    Thanks again for covering us.


  • avatar Rajeev Ranjan says:

    Buzzom, the No 1 Twitter Account Management Service has brought the Release Candidate of Buzzom Desktop up today. It is available at

    This is the first Twitter Desktop Client with SPAM Control features.
    More features:

    1. Hide users who are spamming with too many or useless tweets without unfollowing them.
    2. Get updates on what the twitter elites like GuyKawasaki, BBC etc. are saying without following them.
    3. Configure your buddy list and be in touch with them by viewing only their tweets.
    4. Find news and people using keyword Search for tweets, location and biography.
    5. Auto shorten your long URLs when they’re sent using 6. Drag-drop video and pictures to auto upload and tweet about them.
    7. Choose how you want to see your tweets, by auto refresh or manual refresh.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thanks for sharing more on Buzzom with the Twitter WatchDog peeps~


  • Love your site! Great information!

  • avatar Judy says:

    Now,buzzom launch new interface and there is no Follow option.

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