Unfollow with Twitter Karma

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Un-follow those that don’t follow you back. This short twitter video will show you a simple tool that does the work for you.

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18 Responses to “Unfollow with Twitter Karma”

  • avatar reddsmitty says:

    Do you prefer Karma to Tweepular? Why or why not?

  • avatar WatchDog says:

    Great question Kim. They are slightly different tools.
    Twitter Karma allows you to actually bulk unfollow (remove) those that you no longer want to follow.
    Such as, people who are not following you. This is a big time saver.

    Tweepular provides more useful insight and is also a nice tool.


  • avatar deeziner says:

    Sometimes people can NOT follow until later, so you are going to miss out on a lot of good peeps if you auto matically unfollow those who don’t follow you.

    Example: When I reached 2000 people I follow, Twitter set a 10% rule that keeps me from adding new followers. I am inching my way up so I will hopefully be able to start following more people without having to unfollow others first, but it’s taken 4 weeks so far that I have not been able to follow new people (who chose to follow me) without un-following someone else first.

    The system simply gives me an error message when I try to follow someone new – so if people are not patient, and un-follow me because I have not yet reciprocated, we’re going to miss out on some great folks because of Twitter’s limitations, not my lack of interest.

    So I don’t agree with automatically un-following anyone who doesn’t follow you back right away – they may have the same problem I have.

    PS If you know of a solution for my problem, I’d be delighted to hear.

  • Thank you for the comment. You’re absolutely right. If you choose to unfollow people, you may want to have a resting period of typically 7 days.
    7 days is plenty of time for an active twitter user to decide whether they will follow you or not.
    The above applies if you had recently followed a bunch of people in your niche or interest group otherwise you would not need a resting period.

  • avatar Marc says:

    so is there a tool whci i can see when did i add them to my account, to filter those who are not following me since 14 days?

  • avatar Sue says:

    I LOVE twitter Karma. and Dossy is there to answer any questions you might have. Glad you guys did a video. When I found Twitter Karma, i needed to IM Dossy (the creator of it) a few times.

    I believe in following everyone back. With Tweetdeck i can filter out any ‘noise’ i want to and slow down any interesting people. And 7 days, as you said, is plenty of time for active users to respond. Twitter messed up when they didn’t show you who was following you back anymore (the last big re-design). I used to go thru my followers once a week and look at ALL of them by hand by scrolling quickly thru each page. Then if someone i really wanted to get to know hadn’t followed me, i’d unfollow them and follow them. The bopped to the top of the page and i could give them (basically) another week to respond by reciprocating. This new way that Twitter has it, you have to CLICK every one to see who is following you back. so that’s how i found Twitter Karma and now i’ll never go back! they are GREAT.

    When i started http://www.iget2work.com i had the idea that i’d only follow people who were job listing companies, resume companies, life coaches etc. and post the tweets on our site. But twitter has proven to be SO different than i thought (in a good way). It is like Main Street where i have my site iget2work.com next door to your site, twitterwatchdog.com and we all have coffee every once in a while and share customers, ideas, thoughts etc. Having good Twitter Karma on your side is always good! Great tool.

  • avatar Paul J. G. says:

    WOW! That felt great! lol.. I just used this karma program and I didn’t realize all of the unfollowers I really had. I am truly thinking about deleting EVERYBODY – FOLLOWERS AND FOLLOWING and just start over. When I first started this account, I just let anything happen to it without paying attention. Now I feel as though it needs a lot of changes.

    What do yall think I should do?

  • avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    In the video you hit the Bulk Block instead of Bulk Unfollow.
    Was that intentional for some reason?

    I use Twitter Karma almost every day. Like the way it works.
    Just one downer – sometimes, possibly at busy times of day on Twitter,
    it just comes up with an error message and asks you to refresh and try again later.
    That said, it doesn’t put me off using it.

    All the best,

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Steve, This was an over site on my part. What browser do you use with Twitter Karma? I have used several browsers and found that netscape by far works the best. Once you hit 10,000 followers Twitter Karma will no longer work unless they fixed this problem.

    Thanks for the comment,

  • avatar Frank says:

    I think the entire “follow me back” concept is just ludicrous. Follow people you actually WANT to follow. I READ my twitter stream, and I delete people I do not find interesting.

    If you follow people just to have them follow you back, you are just playing the “I have more followers then you” game.

    If you follow me, do not expect me to follow you back. If I follow you, I do not expect you to follow me back.

  • avatar Born Kool says:

    I think its great that this fine program allows you to unfollow those that stop following you. Its very hard to go into the twitter interface and find out whos stopped following you. This is a very hany tool. Thanks Guys.

  • avatar Vivienne says:

    I agree with Frank. I follow people who post content that interests me. If my Tweets don’t interest them, no problem. In a separate Tweet, you yourself say, “Be a resource for helping others.” I agree – but if you only give on the condition that your giving is reciprocated, you’re missing the spirit.

  • avatar Nathalie says:

    Just a small update. You may not know but Twitter Karma doesn’t allow you to “bulk unfollow” anymore. That is too bad, but it’s still a very good tool and I use it almost everyday.

    Great video, thanks.

  • I will definitely be checking this out later today. Thanks for sharing the info on it.

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Jennifer, You are welcome for the post and thanks for the comment.

    Just keep in mind some of the features have changes since I did the video but you will see that in the content before the video.

    Watching out for you one tweet at a time,

  • I don’t understand why someone who I follow needs to follow me. If I want information about the weather but the weather tweeter doesn’t want information about personal growth or travel or relationship issues that I post about they won’t follow me. Likewise if people find my information helpful but I don’t want information about mlm or male body building why should I follow them? I love Twitter and get a wealth of wanted information every time I use it. Please explain.

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