20 Responses to 16 Cool Twitter Tools for Firefox

  1. avatar TheGlassGuy says:

    This is great Info Thanks a lot

  2. avatar TheGlassGuy says:

    Thanks for the great info as a Twitter Newbie I can use all the tips I can get and these are well worth checking out

  3. avatar Ann Evanston says:

    Wow what an awesome list! I have loved firefox with twitter and all my social network sites because of the spell check, this takes it to a new level! The last one scare me though, I love Twitter because it’s teaching people how to be effective in fewer words and how not to be offended by those few words!

    If you had to pick one as a favorite?

    Ann Evanston
    The Warrior is Within You

  4. avatar Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen says:

    Happy Tuesday Ann~ Thanks a bunch for the comment. Glad to hear that you like.
    My favorite is the with the warrior attached. :-) Al @alferretti

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  6. avatar jacqueline says:

    That’s a great list. I love twitter and I wish I could spend more time on that.

  7. avatar Alaria says:

    Thanks for this great list. I am a firefox user and am always delighted to have a new tool to add to the tool belt when using Twitter. Great Day to you!

  8. Thanks for the comment.

    Can you let us know which of “those” firefox addons is your favorite.


  9. avatar Showeda says:

    Not sure I like the idea of tweetstalk Can tweetstalkers view DMs???

  10. To the best of our knowledge the only person whom can view your DM’s i the account holder or person signed in on the account.

  11. avatar Francesca says:


  12. I LOVE twitter tools! There are some many great ones out there now, it really makes twitter much more fun.

  13. avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    Hi Al,

    How about Shareaholic – lets you tweet the current page you are reading.
    Can be used for a whole list of social bookmarking sites + Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.

    Great list, thanks for taking the time to research and share.
    All the best,

    NB: Have used it to tweet this page!

  14. avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thank you for being an incredible go giver Steve~

    I know about being a work a holic and I enjoy sharing…
    so shareaholic sounds like a great fit~ :-)

    I’ll go check it out…

    Your Pal Al

  15. Don’t forget Yoono! Sidebar with Updates, Friends, DM’s and Search for Twitter, plus Facebook, Gmail and other Social Networking apps, Page/Selection sharing and more. It’s easily my favourite Twitter-able add in for Firefox

  16. Very interesting list!
    I didn’t know there were that many Twitter tools for Firefox!
    I will definitely come back here to consult this list and in fact will put it in my favorites right now!

    Thanks for the great info you are providing on this website!


  17. avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Lucie,
    You are very welcome and the list is much larger then this, these are just some of the many. Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

    Thanks for the comment,

  18. avatar Wardell says:

    add a tweet is another cool fire fox add-on for twitter which lets you leave comments on web sites

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