Why Twitter Suspends Accounts

-By Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Your Twitter account could get suspended for one or more of these reasons

User Abuse: A large number of people block the profile or write in with spam complaints.

Aggressive following: Using programs out there that claim to get you 1000’s of follow in just days could get you suspended. Just remember quality is better then quantity.

Misuse of the reply feature: I haven’t heard of anyone getting suspended for this but it’s on the list of things not to do.

Updates consist of duplicate links and/or text: Sending out the same tweet over and over again can get you suspended. You will also lose all your followers doing this.

Stealing: Updates poached from others’ timelines, passed off as one’s own. Putting your own spin on a tweet will keep you safe.

Technical Abuse: Updates consist of links pointing to phishing sites, malware, or other harmful material.

Multiple Accounts: A large number of accounts is created in a short amount of time. You can have more then one account just don’t create several in a short time.

Spam: An account is identified as belonging to a spam cluster.

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  • avatar Anonymous says:

    Great data wish some others will view this!

  • awesome. Have rt this link.

  • Thanks for this information in an easy and understandable language. My account was suspended, but, of course Twitter would never tell me why. I was only suspended for less than 24 hours.

    Elaine Bullin

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info. I wish they would suspend/ban all the ‘hotties’ and ‘kitties’ and ‘britneys’ though :-(

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    hmmn, Alot of people send the same tweet out periodically through the day (days). You can set them up to go out on tweet spinner and such. I don’t do it but then again,I’m not selling anything.

  • Aggressive following is a big one. Wait a week or so after you follow a bunch of people to unfollow the people not following back.

  • avatar Anu says:

    I too wish they’d suspend all the ‘hotties’ , ‘kitties’ and ‘britneys’ out there!

  • As long as they keep all of the “birdies” :-)

  • avatar Mike Hanes says:

    I really do not like when there are profiles that you can tell are not legitimate and/or are inapropriate. I unfollow those that I can tell are fake or inappropriate.

  • avatar Catrina says:

    Do they suspend for lack of use?

  • avatar Paula S says:

    Thank you for this information. It’s very helpful.

  • This is great information, unfortunately a little late for me, but hopefully in time for many other twitter users. I know for a fact you will get your Twitter account suspended for “aggressive following.” A couple of months ago there were many programs out there to increase your followers. I signed up for a couple of them where you have to give your username and password for the program.

    I also use TweetLater to schedule my tweets if I am busy. About a month later, I went to sign into TweetLater and was notified my tweets were prohibited by Twitter. Thinking this was a mistake, I tried to sign into my Twitter account and learned my account had been suspended. At that time I was not given a reason.

    It took persistent communication and written appeals to Twitter to get my account reinstated. In the process, I learned the suspension cause was aggressive following. One of those programs I had signed up for added 200 followers in one evening.

    Even though these programs say they do not keep your username and password on file, I am not taking that chance again. After getting reinstated, the first action I took was to reset my password.

    I agree, quality is better than quantity. I do not know how other twitter users who have 10,000 plus followers are getting them in short periods of time and actually I could care less.

    Twitter offers a great search tool to find followers in your area of interest. This is what I use to now grow my followers at a gradual pace.

  • Hi Christine~

    Thank you for sharing that with the twitterwatchdog.com community.
    Very useful information for everyone..

    Thank you again,

  • Thanks for the comment Mike.
    We understand that Twitter is working hard to filter more of the useless stuff.


  • Hi Catrina~

    Maybe becoming inactive, but we are not aware of a suspension for lack of use. Misuse of TOS, yes


  • You’re welcome Paula~

    What information did you find most helpful?


  • Hi,

    My account was suspended, from joining a program that sent the same link about a post. My account was reinstated and since then I removed my account from that program. I decided to gradually build my following.

  • Thanks for the comment Judy. We have run into the same problem ourselves.

    Twitter is fighting back on spam and in the meantime it took in some innocent people too.
    Twitter is reporting to have an update shortly.


  • Apparently the Twitter suspensions over the fourth of July weekend were a system error and happened to hundreds of accounts.

  • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Cathy.

    Did you see a post from last night? http://twitterwatchdog.com/2009/07/05/mosey-along-now-accounts-suspended-on-twitter/

  • avatar Gilbert Baron says:

    What is inappropriate @reply use that gets you suspended? I don’t understand.

  • If someone spams via @replies, that may put that person on the radar and may result in being suspended by twitter.
    Additionally, that would cause a loss of followers, etc

    Heres’s two updates that we posted on about being suspended on Twitter.
    1. http://twitterwatchdog.com/2009/06/07/why-twitter-suspends-accounts/

    2. http://twitterwatchdog.com/2009/07/05/mosey-along-now-accounts-suspended-on-twitter/

    Thank you for your comment~ Come back again,


  • avatar Essie Webber says:

    Hey, thanks all, good to read about peoples’ experiences. I am using TweetLater only to follow those who follow me and send one DM which is a greeting and has no link, let alone sales push.

    I am hoping this is responsible use of the service and not considered abusive. A little nervous though. I have looked at some of the mass follow services, curiosity but don;t think that’s for me just based on why I am on twitter…

    Thanks all…

  • Thanks a bunch for the comment Essie~ We appreciate it.

    Twitter is cracking down hard on spam. Also, the number of people one can
    follow has been limited too, this is good for everyone.

    Its not about the quanity of followers, its about the quality of followers.
    Engage, Build Relationships and provide value.


  • “Just remember quality is better then quanity”
    This should be quantity.
    Thanks for a useful post!

  • avatar Tweeeeeeeter says:

    Indeedy! I too wish they’d suspend all the ‘hotties’ , ‘kitties’ and ‘britneys’ out there!

  • Have you seen a spam reduction on twitter lately?

    Thanks for the comment~


  • avatar Phaoloo says:

    It’s a comprehensive list of reasons why Twitter suspend an account. All Twitter newbies should read it first.

  • avatar kelly says:

    I add one more: BEING FOLLOWED by more than a 100 people in a short amount of time day may also get your account (temporarily) suspended till you file for customer support.

    It happened to me once. They said I was caught in a spam cloud, I don’t doubt it. But Twitter support was fast and good! 70% of those of DM me the first time are spammers!

  • avatar Alicia says:

    I signed up for TopFollowed for a couple months and got more than I bargained for! These sites that say they will build your followers up quickly…are not good. Not only do you want quality followers, but you also want followers who appreciate the value of your tweets.

    Thanks for posting. I’ll be sure to tweet and blog about this important info!

  • One rule is not following and unfollowing a large amount of people. I guess that is like over a hundred a day. But I guess it is OK to do a small amount of following and unfollowing each day. Maybe it is also safer to take off a break for a day.

  • Thanks for the comment Alicia.

    You hit the nail on the head, so true~


  • All good things come in moderation.

    You’re absolutely right Chuck~


  • Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • avatar omaniblog says:

    Thanks very much for this. I’m one of those who has a low number of followers who are genuinely interested on what I tweet. Perhaps half of my followers follow me in the hope I’ll follow them and swell their reputation. I follow about 55 people and when I add a new follow, I drop someone. If I then miss them, I re-follow them. Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was an upper limit on the number of people an account could follow?

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thanks for the post Paul~

    Some time ago (thankfully) Twitter put a cap on the amount of people one can follow each day, Limit=1,000
    We have heard if a person attempts to follow 1,000 people everyday, that they are at risk of being suspended for
    aggessive following.


  • A very good and informative post for Twitter user. I have written a similar post on my blog long back. You can have a look if you want!

  • avatar Liz says:

    Most of this is no secret, it’s in Twitter’s Terms of Use that you agree to when you create an account. You know those lists that you don’t read but you should?

  • avatar Nancie says:

    Of course it’s no secret, but this is a good summary that people can look at without all the legal jargon.

  • avatar Kelly says:

    Aside from all these gripes, I wish everyone would have (at least by now) learned that ALL CAPS is annoying and rude. Before I start anything, I always do a lot of research to make sure I’m not sounding like a complete dork (although I AM a dork!). Thanks for the info – it’s always good! Hugs, kelly

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Great point about “research” before starting. I completely agree.

    I see many people who go right after the tree with a dull axe.

    Instead sharpen your axe with “research” then go after the tree.


  • avatar xjulie538 says:

    thanks for the info.
    do twitter accounts get suspended when you re-open them?
    because i recently re-opened mine && it’s suspended.
    plus, i didn’t violate any rules, i checked.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Can you be more specific?

    What do you mean by “re-open”

  • avatar Paul J. G. says:

    I like this list of reasons that could cause an account to be suspended but I also think there should be others added to the list..

    – Hogging the screen. I have unfollowed many people for hogging the screen with tweets. Regardless whether they were interesting or not. It gets very annoying to see the same or numerous tweets from the same user over and over and over again in a matter of minutes apart.

    – Obscene avatars should also be a good reason to be suspended. I have seen more than enough on Twitter that I feel should not be allowed on a respectable website.

    I also unfollow those who advertise those gain followers programs as well, so I am glad to see that one on the list above.

    The “Misuse of the Reply Feature” – is another great one because that has been an issue to me in the past. I had those that followed me and constantly sent me links to those get rich quick schemes as well as the gain followers programs. My motto is – “Don’t harrass me over stupid stuff or I will not only unfollow you but I will block and report you as spam in the process.”

    You guys are doing a great job with keeping Twitter safe and enjoyable. I am proud to say that I am a member of Twitter.


    Paul J. G. @buggin80s

  • avatar Mike says:

    Was there a rash of twitter suspensions 12/26/09?

    I made the mistake of opening too many accounts in one day, they were all suspended, even a couple that had no posts in them. A couple of older accounts with a lot of followers also got hit.

    Does twitter look at the IP number from which accounts were setup? The IP number from which posts are added?


  • avatar Alex says:

    Stealing: Updates poached from others’ timelines, passed off as one’s own. Putting your own spin on a tweet will keep you safe.

    Well, does anyone know how many tweets are being published per day ? They just run the business there, I don’t think they even bother with such things. Certainly that isn’t something that make me feel unsafe lol

    Supposedly that is a rule to be kept in the written in the case of “lyrical” tweets, for example, a quote said by a celeb etc… then again, we must assume that we own copyright for any tweets we sent out. hmmmm, never heard of something like that, although will be easy to stand that we do (it makes sense doesnt it? 😛 )

    last, where is those information taken from ? have you got any source? or is just what people reporting?

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