How to Retweet and Get Retweeted on Twitter

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Discover how to Retweet & why. This short twitter video will explain how to retweet and get retweeted on Twitter.

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8 Responses to “How to Retweet and Get Retweeted on Twitter”

  • avatar Josh says:

    why do you use r/t vs RT?

    I have always seen RT as the standard for retweet.

  • avatar Comfort Inn says:

    Great Info It is always usefull

  • avatar Kakie says:

    From @Kakief Suggestion: You might want to expand a little on the “HOW to get retweeted on Twitter” What I mean by that is you can RT and hope others Retweet your RTs.

    BUT if the information doesn’t add value OR if you aren’t engaging in relationships with people, it might not get you anywhere. Do you already have a post about that one?
    = One Relationship at a Time 😉

  • avatar WatchDog says:

    Great Point Kakie~ Thanks for sharing~ We do have other articles/videos under the category “networking”….
    that goes into more detail on retweets, engaging, building relationships providing value and more…

    Thank you for allowing us to serve you Kakie~ :-)
    -Al @alferretti

  • avatar Paul J. G. says:

    I feel that every member of Twitter should watch this video and respect the message. The reason being – I Retweet others ALL the time but I never get the favor returned. I have been doing the RT’s just like Skeeter stated in the video except I usually don’t put it as “r/t” I just usually put it as “RT” at the beginning and the end of each message. When it comes to the messages I would like Retweeted, I always put “RT” at the end of each one.

  • avatar Phaoloo says:

    Like your video. Some thoughts in my mind now: you must have a quality link and tittle to attract others rt you and leave space for others to rt as well as gain more followers.

  • avatar maps4pets says:

    We love your crazy voice Skeeter. Cool.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thank you for sharing those thoughts. Those are good ones I might add.

    How has it worked for you?


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